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Any Love Relationship Must Have Sexual Chemistry

Last updated on: August 22, 2023 09:57 IST
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A person may be inclined to look elsewhere for the desired sexual fulfilment if they feel unfulfilled or unsatisfied in this area, warns Sybil Shiddell, country manager India, Gleeden, a discreet extramarital dating Web site. 

How to have a better sex life with your partner

Kindly note the image -- a scene from the film Ludo -- has been posted only for representational purposes.

A complicated tapestry made of feelings, desires, and connections forms the landscape of human interactions.

At first look, it would seem paradoxical for people to cheat while living in relationships that are allegedly joyful and safe.

After all, one could anticipate that security and contentment would thwart any ideas of severing the ties of fidelity.

The human heart and mind, on the other hand, are complicated areas that frequently resist simple classification.

A variety of circumstances and incentives can lead people to make decisions that go against their personal ideals and what appears to be their apparent pleasure.

1. Physical Attraction's Allure

A strong factor that can go beyond the limitations of commitment is physical attraction.

Even in loving and stable partnerships, people occasionally run into someone who makes them feel a strong, powerful physical desire.

As the person struggles with the conflict between loyalty to their relationship and the overwhelming pull of this new connection, this attraction has the potential to cause a severe psychological turmoil.


2. Yearning for love, care, and attention

Emotional connection, focus, and affection are essential to healthy relationships.

People may become sensitive to looking for solace elsewhere when these essential elements are missing.

They may be more open to the overtures of someone who seems to sincerely care about them and show them affection because of the emotional hole created by their partner's absence.


3. The Complicatedness of Emotional Feelings

Because they are complex and have many facets, emotions frequently defy logical explanations.

Even in happy partnerships, people occasionally form unanticipated emotional bonds with others.

The distinction between intimacy and friendship can be blurred by these feelings, which might vary from friendliness to a profound sense of understanding and empathy.


4. Bringing New Romance Back to Life

A passionate and enthralling spark frequently characterises the beginning stages of a romantic engagement.

As couples settle into more comfortable habits, this intensity may eventually lessen.

People who cheat in happy relationships may be attempting to recapture the excitement and novelty of the first few months of a relationship.


5. Insufficient Sexual Fulfilment

Any love relationship must include sexual chemistry and enjoyment.

A person may be inclined to look elsewhere for the desired sexual fulfilment if they feel unfulfilled or unsatisfied in this area.

This is more often a sign of a specific need they are hoping to meet elsewhere rather than a lack of emotional connection with their partner.

Infidelity is a complex issue that frequently defies easy answers, even in partnerships that seem joyful and secure on the surface.

These decisions may have been made for a variety of emotional, psychological, and situational reasons.

Even if these justifications might not be sufficient to excuse cheating, they do show how complicated human emotions and relationships can be.

Maintaining good, solid relationships that can weather difficulties can be achieved by open communication, attending to unmet needs, and occasionally seeking couples counselling.

The complexity of infidelity can ultimately open the door to empathy and deeper understanding of the nuances of human behaviour.

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