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4 Tips For A Healthy Sex Life

August 18, 2021 08:38 IST
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Whatever you plan on doing, make sure you do it with an intention of you really caring about HER sexual happiness, says Sybil Shiddell, country manager, Gleeden, an extra marital dating Web site.

How to spice up your relationship

Kindly note the image -- a scene from Four More Shots Please that streams on Amazon Prime -- has been posted only for representational purposes.

Fulfilling the needs of your partner is really important and it becomes way more essential when it comes to things you do in the bedroom.

Sadly, most of the times men don't really address their partner's sexual desires and move on thinking everything is fine, while the woman probably is left unsatisfied.

If you really care about her desires, then it's high time you introspect if you have been doing the stuff in the right manner or not!

Making a woman happy and fulfilling her desires is way different from what a man usually thinks. There are times when a woman's sexual desire takes a totally different path and there are times when a man needs to pay attention to the smallest details before going 'down there'.

Putting a slight more effort in the bedroom could increase her libido and could give her the satisfaction she has been really looking for.

Not all women are the same,

Some might like sex in different ways depending on the mood and situation. There are times when women like it romantic and gentle and then there are times they would like it rough and lusty.

But what really matters are the things you do, besides the act!

Having a healthy sex life is the key to a happy relationship but with long term relationships and marriages, losing the fire under the bedsheets is absolutely normal.

To keep up with the fire in your bedroom, make sure you pay absolute attention to her needs before it's too late!

Here are some ways how you can spice up the intimacy game and fire in the bedroom.

1. Make sure you spoil her

Like we said earlier, it's not about sex alone. What really matters are the things you do before going to bed or outside the bedroom which make the difference.

Men need to make their partners feel special and this can be achieved by giving back tickles while watching a movie or pushing the gears furthermore by setting up the room with aromatic candles.

Soothing music on relaxing Sundays followed with sensual erotic oil massage are some of the most powerful ways of turning on a woman.

Such caring acts would definitely make her feel good about you!

2. Always try to look smart for her

'That's my man' is a phrase that every girl likes to say, just make it worthy!

Couples in long relationships at times stop making efforts on taking care of their looks that lead to withdrawal symptoms and loss of libido.

Try looking good and dressing well in front of her. Shave if she likes it clean or put efforts in enhancing your personality the way she likes.

Every attempt you put in looking good is a clear sign that her opinion matters. Such moves won't go unnoticed, making your chances of being irresistible!

3. Try foreplay

Men generally avoid going down on their women, which is a shame.

Foreplay adds as icing on the cake and aids to pleasure. Hence we suggest not to skip this step and rather enjoy it to the fullest.

Experiment with the ways that give her pleasure and make her go crazy for you!

4. Not everything is about sex

In case things between you and your partner are not going great, try approaching wholeheartedly, not because you want to have bland sex but to enhance the overall experience and the relationship.

Whatever you plan on doing, make sure you do it with an intention of you really caring about her sexual happiness.

Men perhaps have no control when they see their spouse naked and jump right on with the game, but with women, it is not always so quick.

To please your love and make her happy, you need to put in more efforts and make them feel desired and special.

The bottom line is that a happy sex life requires mutual efforts. But in scenarios when you feel the spark is reducing, it's a cue for you to do your bit and the rest will eventually follow.

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