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This gorgeous woman will represent India at Miss Universe 2018

By Rediff Get Ahead
October 01, 2018 08:52 IST
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A civil services aspirant from Mumbai, Nehal Chudasama hopes to bring home the title of Miss Universe.

Nehal Chudasama won Fascino Miss Diva Miss Universe in September 2018.

The 22-yr-old media graduate from Mumbai loves to anchor and is a part-time fitness consultant.

What many of us don't know is that Nehal was on the chubbier side before she became a model.

During her modelling days, she realised the importance of fitness and trained herself to eat right and work out every day to get her body in shape.

Today she inspires youngsters to love their body and prioritise health.

Here's looking at her inspiring life through her Instagram feed.

Nehal Chudasama

Nehal as crowned Miss Diva Miss Universe India in September.
She will represent the country in the international pageant scheduled to be held on December 17, 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand.
Photographs: Nehal Chudasama/Instagram

Nehal Chudasama

That's Nehal during different stages of her weight loss journey.
'What you see below are three different body types,' she wrote in a long Instagram post.
'One thing all these photos have in common is my smile and confidence. Because I always loved myself.'
'Your body should never define your worth. Any initiative taken towards fitness should be for your health and self improvement. Never to get validation from society, or because you feel your body needs to be a certain way to be considered beautiful.' 
'The most beautiful outcome of my hardwork isn’t my body...It’s the confidence and self worth I got from within."
'Beauty is subjective, so stop the self hate,' she said.

Nehal Chudasama

Her fabulous bikini bod is the result of perseverance and choosing to eat right.

Nehal Chudasama

Unlike her peers, Nehal doesn't want to pursue acting or Bollywood.
Post the pageant, she wants to appear for the civil services and serve the nation.
Here, she is with her teacher from Thakur college in Kandivali, Mumbai who she says inspired her to pursue her dream.
'She doesn't know how she inspires thousands of children every year to lead the world staying grounded. 
'She doesn't know I've learned humility from her in the past three years.
'She doesn't know how she has encouraged me and everyone else at Thakur college of science and commerce with the speech that she delivers every time.
'She couldn't control her emotions when she saw me. I was the happiest to have made her happy,' Nehal described this special moment.  

Nehal Chudasama

Nehal believes that her title comes with a lot of responsibility and leadership. She says the positive thoughts and energy of youngsters can help build the future of a nation.

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