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This article was first published 6 years ago  » Getahead » The Indian beauty queen with a heart of gold

The Indian beauty queen with a heart of gold

By Rediff Get Ahead Bureau
April 26, 2018 08:30 IST
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How Miss World Manushi Chhillar is leading by example!

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Manushi Chillar

Photographs: Courtesy Manushi Chhillar/Instagram

Crowned Miss World in 2017, Manushi Chhillar embarked on a 'beauty with a purpose tour'.

She has been taking up social causes around the world and her latest pit stop was at Brazil.

While she was there, the beauty queen not only won hearts with her sartorial choices, but also impressed the local population by lending her support to various social causes. 

From raising awareness of leprosy to helping children with Down's Syndrome, the model brought attention to certain important issues.

'Leprosy, now commonly called Hansen's Disease, has created a lot of social barriers through history.

'Out of the total case of leprosy in the world, Brazil has 12 per cent which is second highest, but India has 66 per cent which means more than a quarter million people,' she wrote on Instagram.

'We realised the first step is to educate because lack of knowledge creates fear, leading to discrimination.

'The cure to leprosy had been discovered in the 1940s, but even today people around the world live with a lot of myths.

'What I have learnt here in Brazil will surely help me take the initiative to my home country,' she added on the social media site. 

Presenting some of her memorable moments during her tour to Brazil.

Manushi Chillar

Wearing a blue gown by a Brazilian designer, Manushi walked the ramp with a girl with Down's Syndrome at charity gala dinner. Post the event, the gown was auctioned to raise money for people with special needs.  

Manushi Chillar

She also visited the botanical garden in Brasilia and planted a tree along with the students to promote environment protection.

Manushi Chillar

She also took to the streets to spread awareness about leprosy by handing out information booklets and also explaining the importance about early detection.

Manushi Chillar

'Book restoration at APAE. A system that started here and is now being practised across Brazil. This gives an opportunity to the people with Down's Syndrome for employment.'

Manushi Chillar

Manushi also spent time at a learning centre for those with Down Syndrome. 'Everyone deserves love and equal opportunities. What I loved about the people learning there was the self worth they had and their generosity,' she wrote on Instagram. 

Manushi Chillar

It were the spices at the local market there that reminded her of home.

Manushi Chillar

Dressed in Gaurav Gupta separates, she went to meet the First Lady in Sao Paula. Post her meeting, Manushi had the honour to kick-start a campaign to donate warm clothes to underpriviledged children there.

Manushi Chillar

Manushi posted this pic at the start of her trip. 'Starting my next #beautywithapurpose trip to Brazil, which has the second highest rate of leprosy and it is time people realise the early signs and seek treatment.'

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