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This is how Anushka irritates Virat!

August 05, 2020 10:52 IST
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Photograph: Virat Kohli/Instagram

It is no secret that Virat Kohli just hates losing -- be it in any game -- but wife Anushka Sharma revealed she takes it to another level by rubbing it in to further irritate India's cricket captain.

When asked what's the one thing she does to annoy or irritate Virat, Anushka replied: 'If I beat him in any board I then rub it in. He hates losing in anything.'

Anushka was interacting with fans during an Instagram Q&A session on Tuesday.


The Bollywood star also listed tips on how to make a relationship long lasting.

'Faith, knowing that love is acceptance, a good relationship is a commitment, a promise to be there for better or worse because through the ups and downs it allows the individuals the space and understanding to grow into their highest human potential,' declared Anu -- always the girl with a head on her shoulders; attribute it to her fauji upbringing.

Asked if she still takes Chikoo's help, Anu replied in jest: 'Haan tight bottles kholne mein aur heavy chairs uthane mein madad lungi (Yes, to open tight bottles and lift heavy chairs I will take his help).'

On being asked how to identify if a man is a gentleman, Anu said: 'If he respects people around him whatever their jobs maybe. If he does not speak over you in a conversation. If he does not try to explain a point further than you just made. If he is kind to animals. If he is kind to people. If he is kind to himself. Basically, same applies for gentlewoman too.'

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