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This article was first published 1 year ago  » Cricket » How Bharat Celebrated India's Win

How Bharat Celebrated India's Win

February 20, 2023 11:16 IST
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Srikar Bharat doggedly held on as the Australian spinners desperately searched for wickets.

It was the wicket-keeper's second Test and it must have been pure joy to be there at that glorious moment when victory was achieved.

Bharat took the aerial route to celebrate triumph, and we delight in his exuberance.


IMAGE: Srikar Bharat leaps up in joy after winning the game, here and below. All Photographs: Adnan Abidi/Reuters




IMAGE: Earlier on Day 3, the usually serious Ravichandra Ashwin flew above the pitch as well after he took Steve Smith's wicket for the second time in the Test.

Photographs curated by Anant Salvi/
Feature Presentation: Aslam Hunani/

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