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Get Manjrekar back as commentator: MCA official to BCCI

September 08, 2020 11:24 IST
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'All the clubs from Mumbai are firmly behind Manjrekar.'

Sanjay Manjrekar

IMAGE: Former India player Sanjay Manjrekar was sacked from the BCCI commentary panel earlier this year. Photograph: BCCI

Mumbai Cricket Association members are unhappy with the treatment meted out to former India player Sanjay Manjrekar, who has been sacked as a commentator.

Manjrekar was sacked from the BCCI commentary panel earlier this year. Even though he wrote a detailed apology to BCCI President Sourav Ganguly and other members of the apex council he has not been reinstated for this year's IPL.

MCA Apex Council member Nadeem Memon has written to Ganguly and BCCI Secretary Jay Shah, asking them to appoint Manjrekar as commentator.

"I have written to Sourav Ganguly and Jay Shah. I will bring up this issue at the MCA Apex Council meeting and tell them to take up this matter with the BCCI, " Memon tells Harish Kotian/

"Manjrekar is such a genuine person, he is one of the best commentators. When he and Sunil Gavaskar come on commentary I don't move away from the television set when they are on air because they speak so well, they have so much in-depth knowledge of the game," Memon adds.

"They make watching cricket so interesting with their lively comments."

Memon says the entire Mumbai cricketing community is firmly behind Manjrekar, who played 37 Tests and 54 ODIs for India, and was part of BCCI's commentary panel for several years.

"All the clubs from Mumbai are firmly behind Manjrekar, even some of the great Mumbai players of the past are supporting him, even though they might have not speak publicly on this," says Memon. "They are all surprised as to how Manjrekar has been sacked."

Manjrekar courted controversy during last year's World Cup when he termed Ravindra Jadeja a 'bits and pieces cricketer', something that didn't go well with the Saurashtra all-rounder, who questioned the Mumbaikar's cricketing credentials.

Manjrekar also received flak on social media for his on-air comment about fellow commentator Harsha Bhogle during the pink ball Test against Bangladesh in Kolkata last year when he questioned Harsha's credibility since he had not played cricket at the highest level.

In his letter to Ganguly, Manjrekar offered his apologies 'if I have offended anyone.'

He stated that 'this sacking for whatever reason has shaken my confidence as a professional. If unwittingly, I have offended anyone I would be happy to apologise to the concerned party.'

Memon is unhappy that Manjrekar's letter to the BCCI was leaked, which he believes was a humiliation for the former India batsman.

"He has clarified all the issues that had cropped up in his letter, like with Ravindra Jadeja, so I don't know where the problem lies and why he has been sacked," Memon says.

"But that letter was leaked, which was sort of humiliating for such a big cricketer like Manjrekar. His father Vijay Manjrekar was also a big player for the country."

Memon is hoping that common sense prevails and Manjrekar is back in the commentary box to add value to the telecast of India's games.

"Gavaskar and Manjrekar are the two of the best commentators in India so definitely he deserves to be part of the commentary panel in the IPL and other India matches."

Nadeem Memon's letter to the BCCI:

The president/secretary


We, the members of MCA Clubs, request you to appoint Mr Sanjay Manjrekar as BCCI TV commentator for India. He is one of the most well known and loved cricketers and commentators in the world.

He should be appointed as BCCI commentator for the upcoming IPL season as well in Dubai.

We personally feel that the decision to remove him as a commentator is unjust and should be looked into and rectified.



MCA clubs Mumbai.

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