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I will work for the BJP with all my heart: Yeddyurappa

January 03, 2014 18:15 IST

The mood of the Karnataka’s Bharatiya Janata Party has been upbeat ever since its strongman B S Yeddyurappa declared his decision to come back to the party. He was the man who led the BJP to power in Karnataka, remained the chief minister for three years, stepped down on corruption charges, left the party and then formed his Karnataka Janata Paksha (party) before returning to the BJP a year later.

Yeddyurappa appears to be relieved, and after a very long time he looks like he in a place where he belongs in this chat with’s Vicky Nanjappa

"After all, it has been a 40-year association with the BJP which came to an abrupt end last year. My decision to come back to the saffron party was taken in the interest of the people of Karnataka. It was my duty to ensure that Narendra Modi becomes the prime minister and I can help the BJP get over 20 seats in Karnataka in the 2014 elections.

"I will work for the BJP with all my heart. However, I have a small task before that and it would be to convince the rest of the members of the KJP to join me. After all, they had quit the BJP along with me and I want to ensure that each one of them is happy.

"Around five of them are unhappy with this decision and did not want to merge the KJP with the BJP. I am confident that I will convince them about my decision and they will accept my view.

"The first time I showed an interest in allying with the BJP was around four months ago. I had spoken with the chairperson of the National Democrat Alliance and told him that I would like KJP to ally with the BJP.

"This was only being done to ensure that Modi gets help from us to become the prime minister. What I get to see is that almost 80 per cent of the people in the country want him in that chair. It was my duty to help further that cause and ensure that the BJP does well in Karnataka.

"I had left the BJP due to some issues, but today we are all a united force. I don’t nurture any ill will against any one. I am confident that the BJP will win 20 Lok Sabha seats in Karnataka.

"There is talk that I am not on good terms with some people in the party. There is nothing of that sort and all issues have been resolved. Our aim is to make Modi the prime minister. I was brought up by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh parivar and it is because of this I was able to work so hard and even became the chief minister of Karnataka.

"Everyone including me was hurt when I quit the BJP, but then at times, things happen. What is more important is that it is all sorted out now.

"There are no conditions attached to my return as is being speculated. Those who left the BJP with me will come back now will work for the betterment of the party. The BJP faced a lot of damage as a result of this split last year.

"The Congress benefitted from this and we do not want that benefit to remain anymore. Now the BJP is a united force and I am confident that the reason I came back will be fruitful -- Modi will be the next prime minister of the country."

Vicky Nanjappa