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Mr FM: While you focus on austerity don't ignore these

February 27, 2013 19:40 IST

This is to bring into your notice, Mr FM, that expectations are higher from each sector though you are not new to such attention from society.

Plenty of things have been delivered in the last seven budgets you have presented and plenty more are being asked for.

People are still sceptical whether you will be able to meet these demands as you are facing capacity constraints at your end. Your revenue sources have shrunk more than what you are spending, so is your current account deficit.

Manufacturing growth has stalled and consumption story on which India was driving since last so many years have taken a back burner due to higher inflation and higher interest rates.

Rampage in rise of petrol, diesel and petroleum products prices will further add misery to common man.

Here are the few expectations that various sectors and the common man is eyeing on in this budget:

Infrastructure sector

The infrastructural planning is what your government requires very urgently. Delays in government projects, funding issues and under spending is what we have seen in these projects.

The fear is that the same might continue considering the deficit at 5.4 per cent of the GDP. Coal allocation and linkages for mega power projects in the country should be done in a speedy manner.

Though this is not a prerogative only at the time of budget but a roadmap of investment and most importantly its implementation is required from your end.

Delay in government nod for infrastructure projects and the high lead time is adversely impacting the growth of the country. So Mr FM, please look into the matter on an urgent basis.


Many believe and as you know that the commodity markets is in nascent stage. A very highly volume driven market and a potential to grow at a fast pace but imposition of transaction tax on commodities will have negative impact.

This sector is asking a soft stance from your end. Imposition of commodities transaction tax will only motivate the volumes to be shifted to grey markets where the transaction is done without any margins and taxes.

Year-after-year this sector has waited for more powers to Forward Market Commission (FMC) instead of this a transaction tax is totally uncalled for.

Jewellers and gold importers

Gold import duties of 6 per cent are expected to be increased to 8 per cent bearing in mind heavy gold imports in the country.

Jewellers lobby is asking for reforms that will induce gold stored by individuals to come in the markets and be a part of supply chain.

This will fill the gap of demand and supply. On the contrary, a rise in import duties will encourage smuggling of gold in the country.

We know that this is an area of great concern to you Mr FM and you are committed to reduce the heavy outflows from the country due to imports. But channelization is an optimal solution to this problem.

Tax exemptions

Salaried middle class is looking that you will increase exemption limit of income tax to Rs 300,000 in this budget.

The tax-free income has been lagging behind inflation for quite some time now and therefore they are asking for the increase in deductions under medical and children allowance.

The aspirations are higher considering the CPI inflation rates at 10.8 per cent. Your little help will give gasping space to plenty of middle class population in the country.

Home loan

Those who are seeking home loans and those who already owe a home loan are expecting that this budget will bring increase in the deduction limit of home loan interest of Rs 150,000.

This limit has remained unchanged since 2001. Increasing this limit to Rs 200,000 or 250000 will be a welcome step.

These are some of the urgent and easy to do requests. Catering of these demands will help these sectors grow.

Some of the demands like exemption limit hike and increase of deductions under home loan interest will benefit large number of Indian middle classes and mango man.

We request you to consider this request in your eighth budget. The Common Man of India is eagerly waiting for your budget speech now.

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