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'If a wife earns more than her husband, they should divorce'
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August 24, 2007

We recently featured a message board asking readers what they thought of a woman in a relationship earning more than her man. Opinions varied, but here are some of the amusing and insightful responses:

what about the poor fellow whose wife is also his boss in the same office ? Have you thought of that ? How do they adjust at home ?

-- Ram Alegavi

Yes. She does. I am unlucky on this front. She earns more than me and has ego problems as well. Further, she dont want to share her money even when I have tough times. If I have bad time, it is my fate. If she has problems, I need to support her as her husband. she want to build wealth and make properties etc because it is her money. If she spend little money for house, she is favouring a lot. If I spend, it is my duty. No recognition for my spend. She is working woman and expects me to do a lot of work at home. Otherwise, I am not cooperative. She dont want to give any money throughout her life time and expect to take care at home etc. physically she is not capable to carry small weights etc and had lot of health problems. Still I need to be supportive in all respects. Otherwise, I am a bad guy. Bad luck. Some how, managing from 8 long years.

-- Anonymous

hi,my case is opposite of urs.I am a wife who earna more but has to bear hubby's sarcasm very often.Reading abt u tells me one thg that there are lot of people who are suffering but are still continuing the relationship.i am married still only for 2 yrs but what hurts is that hubby shld atleast value wife's support.I dont really feel the way ur wife feels.Infact I believe that I shld share his responsiobilities but after that also wat do I get.He never appreciates or values me.That hurts.Eventually I am happy that he will be changing his job soon & has got better package than mine.

-- Purvi Chawla

hi... i am, 25 working as a financial research analyst working in an american consulting firm... I want to marry someone who earns more than me so that she can pamper me with gifts ...

-- Kiks

its not good for a man to take ladies duties like looking after Children and women go to work , why cant you work hard like your wife and earn , and let her to take care of home and Children , which is natures gift to women , any way its not on earning , i prefer man earns hard for bread , and women look after family.

-- Bahl Kumar

Today, this is a non-issue.

I would be really surprised if I see a husband who does not approve of his wife just becoz she earns more than him.

I would really feel sorry for the guy who does not respect his spouse and also for the lady for choosing a wrong partner.

-- Nikhil Karandikar

in case of dependent husband or wife with high earning result in the long term is unsatisfied wife,insulted hus band and psychologically abnormal child....a wrong example for society and generations

-- Manoj Kumar

Yes she does. But this never gave rise to any sort of tension between us. Our relations were perfectly chalked out well before marriage only after coming to total understanding we tied a nuptial knot.

-- Bipin Musale

I personally dont think so, I think we women are knon as betterhalfs. So why should men feel bad abt thier betterhalfs doing well in their own respective field, finally its used for the betterment of your own house & life style. If husnad's can take the responsibility on their shoulders why can't their wife share the same burden. And if any 1 of us thinks the otherwise I personally think its a shame on the relationship.

-- Spenta Langrana

If husband does not earn more than wife then he does not deserve to be husband anymore such couple should divorce and live separately. This has nothing to do with male dominating society.
The reason being legaly men are bound to support wife and family wife should put all her earnings as bank balance.

-- Sanju B

Law should be made in such a way that every employed girl should marry an unemployed boy

-- Maharani

I  am a wife playing the role of the breadwinner of the family.My hubby has accepted this and two years ago when I got a promotion and along with it a transfer,he found it convenient to resign his job and move to the City of my posting.Here,he didnot get a suitable opening and then he started looking after the home and became a house-husband.Now, I can concentrate on my job, leaving the entire home-management,cooking, cleaning etc to him.Of course, in the beginning I had to teach him the essentials. Now he is a top class cook and housekeeper. He says he too likes this role. In the morning, he wakes up early,makes a warm cup of coffee and then wakes me up. He ensures that I get ready in time ,serves me breakfast and packs my lunch too.In the evening when I return after a hectic day at the office, he is there,dressed up and waitingg for me. I am also very happy to see his transformation. If all working women have spouses like him, they will progress in their career fast. May his tribe increase!

-- Nalini

Totally a sketch. I can't believe this. Do you think ppl here don't have brains

-- Munish Sharma

What do you think of a wife earning more than her husband? Share your experiences and advice with us right here!

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