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December 1997

• December 31
BSE: 3637.71; Sensex fall by 69.08 points
NSE: 1058.50; Nifty fall by 20.50 points
Forex: 39.28-30; Rupee goes down

• December 30
Finance firms in deep trouble
Finance firm Prudential confident of overcoming crisis
Vajpayee warn of impending IMF loan
BSE: 3706.79; Sensex up 73.41 pts; Dematerialised trading begins
NSE: 1079.00; Nifty gains by 17.55 points
Forex: Rs 39.20-22; Rupee drops 5 paise

• December 28
Stocks Review: Firm trends witnessed at BSE, NSE

• December 27
Banks prepare for growing fondness for plastic money
Growth at 6%, fiscal deficit to widen, revenue deficit up 75%, says RBI
AI transfers officials for inefficiency
Madras HC bench stays order against industrialists
BSE: 3633.92; Sensex gains 25.69 points
NSE: 1061.45; Nifty rises by 7.3 points
Forex: Rs 39.15-17; Rupee steady

• December 25
Gloomy Christmas as FII's India dream turns sour
BSE: 3607.69; Sensex loses 33.42 points
NSE: 1054.15; Nifty slips by 0.65 point
Forex: Rs 39.16-18; Rupee slides by five paise

• December 24
Estate war as accord on surplus mill land in Bombay flounders
BSE: 3641.11; Sensex gains another 24.77 points
NSE: 1054.80; Nifty inches up 3.40 points
Forex: Rs 39.11-12; Rupee still on upward swing

• December 23
Pakistani tea delegation's visit Calcutta for trade
PM urges business not to illegally fund elections
Indian Merchants' Chamber to set up anti-graft body
TN industrialists challenge Madras HC order
IMF predicts low growth of 5.8% for India
BSE: 3616.34; Sensex zooms 75.43 points
NSE: 1051.40; Nifty shoots up 23 points
Forex: Rs 39.15-17; Little trading, rupee gains slightly

• December 21
Weekly Stock Review: Jubilation at BSE, NSE

• December 20
US to keep tabs on more goods made from child labour
Madras HC bench grants stay against order on Jayalalitha
Service tax to stay, says PM
BSE: 3540.91; Sensex shoots up 68.36 points
NSE: 1028.40; Nifty gains 18.70 points
Forex: Rs 39.18-20; Rupee gains marginally

• December 19
From plasticware to plasticwear
'No extension of tax amnesty scheme'
Jayalalitha challenges Madras HC judgement
Poll conduct prevents exports strategy announcement
BSE: 3487.02; Sensex drops 14.67 points
NSE: 1009.70; Nifty sheds 3.45 points
Forex: Rs 39.22-25; Rupee gains 15 paise

• December 18
More investment needed to wipe out poverty, says Manmohan Singh
Madras HC indicts Jayalalitha in SPIC case
Delhi HC notice on VDIS
Forex: Rs 39.38-41; RBI annouces measures to help rupee
BSE: 3487.02; Sensex gains 62.15 points
NSE: 1013.15; Nifty rises 10.80 points

• December 17
Negative November saw outflows exceed inflows
P&O submits blueprint for Maharashtra port; locals up in arms
Human rights panel to fight child labour in carpet industry
Morgan Stanley ties up with Indian giant JM Financial
BSE: 3424.87; Sensex gains 57.31 points
NSE: 1002.35; Nifty rises 22.50 points
Forex: Rs 39.34-39; Rupee gains 29 paise on RBI intervention

• December 16
Foreigners fed-up with India, see little hope
Rupee at right level, says RBI governor
Tata Tea plans global operations
Inflation shoots up, inches to 4% mark
BSE: 3367.56; Sensex gains 38.29 points
NSE: 979.85; Nifty rises 14.70 points
Forex: Rs 39.63-68; Rupee loses 18 paise, RBI stays away

• December 14
Weekly stocks review: BSE, NSE stay low

• December 13
Govt claims low inflation, housewives find prices going up
Daley asks India to liberalise insurance sector
Indian carpet-makers meet US officials over child labour dispute
US to impose NASA standards on seafood imports
BSE:3329.27; Sensex stays steady, gains 0.13 point
NSE:965.15; Nifty loses 8.5 points
Forex:Rs 39.45-50; Rupee dips low, regains ground

• December 12
No US pressure on India at WTO, says Daley
Du Pont plant commissioned; Maran says investments inevitable
Maharashtra blames Centre for low investments
BSE:3329.14; Domestic institutions cushion Sensex fall to 18.19 points
NSE:973.65; Nifty gains 1.75 points
Forex:Rs 39.45-50; Rupee loses 45 paise

• December 11
US Investment Summit: 'Clinton keen on strong ties with India'
Comrade Basu woos American investors
Nepal seeks investment, offers tax holiday
BSE:3347.33; Sensex goes down another 44.26 points
NSE:971.90; Nifty loses 12.15 points
Forex:Rs 38.99-39.01; Rupee hits 39 mark

• December 10
Learn from Asian crisis, says Chidambaram
Coke negotiating with bottlers for Goa
HC reserves order on Apollo power project
BSE:3391.05; Sensex crashes 76.60 points
NSE:984.05; Nifty loses 24.25 points
Forex:Rs 38.96-99; Rupee dips

• December 9
Gujral confident of reforms future
Appreciating India, US to lower trade barriers
BJP will make some changes in economic policy, says Vajpayee
Many concessions in NE industrial policy, asserts PM
BSE:3468.19; Sensex loses 0.89 point
NSE:1008.80; Nifty gains 2.5 points
Forex:Rs 38.90-95; Seesaw day for rupee

• December 7
India will be 4th largest economy by 2020, says Chidambaram
LS dissolution hits market sentiments

• December 6
Lack of consensus hurt reforms, says Chidambaram
Despite turmoil, US commerce secy to visit India
Microfinance body to help rural poor set up
Goa anti-tobacco campaigners boycott advertisement meet
BSE:3469.08; Sensex loses 58.02 points
NSE:1006.30; Nifty drops 5.45 points
Forex:Rs 38.80-87; Rupee continues climb

• December 5
Record gold imports and low prices, yet buyers stay away
Difficult initiation for new RBI Governor Bimal Jalan
BSE:3527.10; Sensex loses 35.27 points
NSE:1011.75; Nifty dips 18.95 points
Forex:Rs 38.92-94; Finally, rupee gains against dollar

• December 4
EU team 'satisfied' with hygiene at fish units
SC hold Tata Tea top brass' offences bailable
BSE:3562.37; Sensex gains 8.89 points
NSE:1030.70; Nifty up by 0.10 points
Forex:Rs 39.30-34; RBI's measures take effect

• December 3
Forex:Rs 39.28-30; RBI's tough package salvages rupee
Palkhivala, Darbari Seth to step down from Tata Industries board
Maharashtra ties up with WTC to boost exports
BSE:3553.48; Sensex loses 16.17 points
NSE:1029.80; Nifty down by 2.85 points

• December 2
Forex:Rs 39.25; Rupee crashes as RBI stays away
BSE:3569.65; Sensex gains 9.36 points
NSE:1032.650; Nifty up by 8.55 points