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PIX: Mumbai's Jhanvi Rishad rev it up at Valley Run!

Last updated on: April 18, 2018 13:01 IST
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Mumbai's Jhanvi Bhavsar, winner in the K7 Class poses after her win

IMAGE: Mumbai's Jhanvi Bhavsar, winner in the K7 Class poses after her win.

Rishad Dadachanji and Stephen Pachigalla drove the ‘Fastest Cars’ in their respective categories to top proceedings in the four wheeler section in the sixth edition of The Valley Run, held at the picturesque Aamby Valley air strip situated on the outskirts of Lonavala over the weekend.

Among the female participants Mumbai’s Jhanvi Bhavsar in her BMW 525D clocked 14.892s in the K7 Class to earn the distinction to be ‘Fastest Driver – Female.’

Mumbai’s Rishad pushed his Lamborghini Huracan to clock 10.849s in the J Class - Unrestricted Class, the fastest time of the event and thus earned him the ‘Fastest Foreign Car’ title.

Vizag's Stephen Pachigalla poses with his winning car 

IMAGE: Vizag's Stephen Pachigalla poses with his winning car, the Skodia Octavia, which was the fastest Indian car in the J Class.

Among Indian cars Vizag-based Stephen Panchigalla clocked 13.366s in his Skoda Octavia in the same J Class, which was run jointly for both Foreign and Indian cars, to ended up as the ‘Fastest Indian Car.’ Of the day.

Both Rishad and Stephen’s final time (FT) was logged in the Open round.

Out of a twenty-five race-order day at the Valley Run, Mumbai drivers stamped their authority in 18.

The others to ascend the podium were; Stephen (Vizag) who also topped in the G2 Class; Shrikant Khandare (Raigad; K4 Class); Junior Braganza (Goa; K5 Class); Vivek Ramchander (Bangalore; K6 Class); Tanmay Ugale (Pune).

Rishad Dadachandji's Lamborgini Huracan (Orange) was fastest foreign car in J category

IMAGE: Rishad Dadachandji's Lamborgini Huracan (Orange) was fastest foreign car in J category.

Rishad all through the weekend was consistent, he had two sub-11 second runs over the quarter-mile stretch in the H3 Class and the I2 & I3 (Merged) Class wherein he clocked 10.962s and 10.973s respectively. His best was later bettered by .113s in the J Class which stood best in the event.

Interestingly, Rishab along with Anant Pithawalla had the distinction of winning three classes. Ananth representing Team N1 topped in the A7, B6 and G1 Classes’ respectively in his Skoda Laura and Octavia respectively.


 (Class, CC/ Type, Stroke)

A1: Cars from 1150cc (Street Petrol): 1-Nishan Naik (Mum; 18.473s); 2-Omkar Keny (Mum; 18.661s) – both Maruti Zen; 3-Dylan DS (Mum; Maruti Alto 18.908s)

A2: Cars from 1151 to 1450c (Street Petrol): 1-Kartik Konchady (Mum; Maruti Esteem; 17.896s); 2-Pratik Rajput (Thn; Maruti Esteem; 17.946s); 3-Biten Jagasia (Mum; Swift Dezire; 18.245s)

A3: Cars from 1451 to 1650c (Street Petrol): 1-Rahul Joshi (Mum; Honda City; 17.263s); 2-Harshal Patel (Mum; Honda City; 17.918s); 3-Jeet Tapaswi (Pune; Maruti Baleno; 17.936s)

A4: Cars from 1651 to 2050c (Street Petrol) X-factor of 1.7 on Turbo: 1-Mikhail Fernandes (Mum; 16.367s); 2-Manan Rajgor (Mum; 16.480s) – both VW Polo GT TSI; 3-Swapnil Mekal (Mum; Honda Civic; 16.638s)

A5: Cars from 2051 to 2550c (Street Petrol) X-factor of 1.7 on Turbo: 1-Tanmay Hotkar (Mum; Fiat Abrath Punto; 16.121s); 2-Sankkait Pathaare (Mum; Honda Accord; 16.128s); 3-Sagar Dangat (Pune; Honda Accord; 16.843s)

A6: Cars from 2551 to 3060c (Street Petrol): 1-Umar Artani (Mum; 14.565s); 2-Abubakar Artani (Mum; 14.602s); 3-Alton John D’Souza (Goa; 16.236s) - all Skoda Laura

A7: Cars from 3061 & Above (Street Petrol): 1-Anant Pithwalla (Mum; Skoda Octavi; 13.638s); 2-Minaam Multani (Mum; Mercedes CLA 200; 14.534s)

B1 + B2 (Merged): Cars from 1150cc to 1450cc (pro Stock Petrol): 1- Md. Patel (Mum; Maruti Suzuki; 15.452s); 2-Tabish Patel (Mum; 15.799s); 3-Hussein Kachwalla (Mum; 16.183s) – both Maruti Esteem

B3: Cars from 1451 to 1650cc (pro Stock Petrol): 1-Tejas Gaikwad (Mum; 15.929s); 2-Swajit Achrekar (Mum; 16.051s); 3-Sandeep Rajdev (Navi Mum; 16.764s) - All Honda City

B4 + B5 (merged): Cars from 1651 to 2550cc (pro Stock Petrol): 1-Kamlesh Parmar (Mum; 14.291s); 2-Amit Kansara (Mum; 15.998s) – both Honda City; 3-Winston Brito (Goa; Maruti Esteem; 16.440s)

B6: Cars from 2551 to 3060cc (pro Stock Petrol): 1-Anant Pithwala (Mum; 13.638s); 2-Tarun Manchanda (Mum; 13.887s); 3-Om Shaikh (Mum; 18.427s) - All Skoda Laura

G: Indian Open – Stock & Unrestricted – Stock Body: 1-Anant Pithawalla (Mum; Skoda Laura; 13.417s); Vivek Ramchander (Bangalore; Laura TDI; 13.703s); Vikram Walia (Mum; Polo GT TSI; 13.858s)

G2: Indian Open – Stock & Unrestricted – Altered/ Unrestricted: 1-Stephen Panchigalla (Vizag; Skoda Octavia; 13.917s)

H1: Foreign Cars up to 3000cc (CBU/ Imports - Street - Petrol/ Diesel): 1-Danish Patel (Mum; 13.338s); 2-Anthony John (Mum; 13.734s) – VW Polo GT; 3-Sumukh Chabriaa (Mum; Mini Cooper; 13.973s)

H2: Foreign Cars 3001 to 4000cc (CBU/ Imports - Street - Petrol/ Diesel): 1-Daljit Mehta (Mum; Porsche Carrera GTS; 12.474s); 2-Sundeep Sokhi (Hyd; Porshe Cayman S; 13.615s); 3-Abhishek Tapadia (Aurangabad; Porshe Cayman S; 13.711s)

H3: Foreign Cars 4001cc & Above (CBU/ Imports - Street - Petrol/ Diesel): 1-Rishad Dadachanji (Mum; Lamborghini Huracan; 10.962); 2-Pranav Ghule (Mum; Audi R8; 11.413s)

I1: Foreign Cars – Cars upto 3000cc– PRO Stock - Petrol/ Diesel - Foreign: 1-Stephen Panchigalla (Vizag; BMW M3; 12.543s); 2-Biren Pithwalla (Mum; Mitsubishi Lancer Evo; 12.668s); 3-Dharam Shah (Mum; Audi TT; 12.904s)

I2 & I3 (Merged) – Cars 3001cc & Above - PRO Stock - Petrol/ Diesel - Foreign: 1-Rishad Dadachanji (Mum; Lamborghini Huracan; 10.973); 2-Pranav R Ghule (Mum; Audi R8; 11.378s); 3-Vanrajsinh Thakor (Guj; Porsche Cayenne; 13.626s)

J: Unrestricted Class - Indian, Foreign & all types: 1-Rishad Dadachanji (Mum; Lamborghini Huracan; 10.849s); 2-Viral Choksi (Mum; Ford Mustang GT; 12.729s); 3-Stephen Panchigalla (Vizag; Skoda Octavia; 13.366s);

K4: 1651-2050cc - Pro Stock Diesel 1-Shrikant Kandare (Raigad; Maruti Suzuki Ciaz; 17.500s); 2-Anupam Pathak (Mum; Toyota Etios; 18.416s); 3-Niranjan Todkari (Pune; Skoda Fabia; 18.774s)

K5: 2051-2550cc - Pro Stock Diesel: 1-Junior Braganza (Goa; 16.078s); 2-Keith De’Souza (Goa; 16.789s) – both VW Polo GT TDI; 3-Akshay Mestry (Mum; VW Ameo; 17.106s)

K6: 2551-3060cc - Pro Stock Diesel: 1-Vivek Ramchander (B'Lore; Skoda Laura; 13.963s); 2-Vikram Walia (Mum; BMW 320D; 14.414s); 3-Niket Bhanushali (Mum; BMW 320D; 15.595s)

K7: 3061cc and Above - Pro Stock Diesel: 1-Tanmay Ugale (Pune; BMW 525D; 14.644s); 2-Dhairyasheel Patil (Satara; BMW 330D; 14.883s); 3-Jhanvi Bhavsar (Mum; BMW 525D; 14.892s)

F: Indian Cars with Foreign Engine: 1-Jitendra Suri (Mum; Honda City; 13.638s); 2-Mohannadali Patel (Mum; Maruti Suzuki 16.237s); 3-Tabish Patel (Mum; Maruti Zen; 17.042s)


Fastest Foreign Car: J Class - Rishad Dadachanji (Mum; Lamborghini Huracan; 10.849s)

Fastest Indian Car: J Class - Stephen Panchigalla (Vizag; Skoda Octavia; 13.366s);

Best Tuner - Indian Car: Tvara Performance (Vizag; Skoda Octavia; 13.366s)

Fastest Indian Car (Diesel): K6 Class -Vivek Ramchander (B'Lore; Skoda Laura; 13.963s)

Best Tuner - Indian Car (Diesel): K6 Class -Tuneotronics (B'lore; Laura TDI; 13.963s)

Fastest Driver (Female): K7 Class - Jhanvi Bhavsar (Mum; BMW 525D; 14.892s).

Valley Run: Mumbai riders top, Hyderabad’s Riyaz is ‘Fastest Rider’

Hyderabad's Mohammed Riyaz in action

IMAGE: RHyderabad's Mohammed Riyaz in action.

Mumbai riders were dominant, but it was Hyderabad’s Mohammed Ryaz who stole the thunder on the quarter-mile track of the Aamby Valley air strip in the sixth edition of The Valley Run 2018 held at the picturesque outskirts of Lonavala over the weekend.

On a day when Mumbai grabbed six of the nine events in the two-wheelers category, it was Riyaz who finished with the distinction of ‘Fastest Time’ clocking 9.686 seconds on his Yamaha YZF-R1 motorcycle in the M9 Class (851cc to 1050cc).

Like Riyaz, the other class to go out of Mumbai’s clutches was the O2 (Open Class) Foreign (551cc & Above, Unrestricted) which was claimed by Riya’s twin-city mate Sundeep Singh Sokhi. Sundeep clocked 9.917s. Interestingly, Riyaz was second with a 9.965s effort. Zubair Ali Jung (Bengaluru) completed an all-south India podium running his Suzuki Hayabusa with a 10.048s effort.

Similarly, Pune’s, Pravin Jadhav claimed the high capacity P-Class (Muscle Bikes) on his Ducati Diavel super bike with an 11.746 second effort (Elapsed Time).

The Mumbai winners included Iqbal Shaikh (M6 - Class from 361 to 550cc (Indian Produced) - 4-Stroke);  Zarvan Batliwala (M7: Class 551 to 850cc (Sport - Inline 3/4) 4-Stroke); Surya Servai (M8: Class from 649 to850cc (Single Twin/L) 4-Stroke); Zahir Shah (M10: Class 1051cc & Above – 4-Stroke); Sachin Khengle (W1 - Indian Fastest Wheeler Class); Nadeem Shah (W2 Foreign Fastest Wheelie Class).

A total of seven classes (M6 to M10, P, O2) made up the day in the two-wheeler section while six classes (M1 to M5 & O1) were run under the Promotors Classes only.


(Class, CC/ Type, Stroke)

M6 - Class from 361 to 550cc (Indian Produced) - 4-Stroke: 1-Iqbal Shaikh (Mum; KTM RC 390; 13.144s); 2-R Ashwinikumar (Chennai; KTM RC 390; 13.243s); 3-Manthan Harvande (Raigad; KTM 390; 13.290s)

M7: Class 551 to 850cc (Sport - Inline 3/4) 4-Stroke: 1-Zarvan Batliwala (Mum; Daytona 675; 10.823s); 2-Mohd Riyaz (Secunderabad; Yamaha R6; 10.903s); 3-Prathamesh Boulinjkar (Mum; Triumph Daytona; 10.931s)

M8: Class from 649 to850cc (Single Twin/L) 4-Stroke: 1-Surya Servai (Mum; Kawazaki Ninja; 12.422s); 2-Zarvan Batliwalla (Mum; Kawasaki EREN; 12.427s); 3-Ratish Nair (Navi Mumbai; Ninja; 12.532s)

M9: Class 881cc to 1050cc – 4-Stroke - 1-Mohd. Riaz (Hyd; Yamaha R1; 9.686s); 2-Zahir Shah (Mum; BMW s1000RR; 10.001s); 3-Alimon (Bengaluru; Kawasaki Ninja; 10.087s)

M10: Class 1051cc & Above – 4-Stroke - 1-Zahir Shah (Mum; Suzuki Hayabusa; 10.135s); 2-Hemanth Muddappa; Bengaluru; Suzuki Hatyabusa; 10.317s) 3-Harizulla Khan (Bengaluru; Suzuki Hayabusa; 10.380s)

P Muscle Bike - Open: 1-Pravin Jadhav (Pune; 11.746); 2-Ankur Chouksey (Indore; 12.336s); 3-Anvay Patil )(Mum; 14.118s) - all -Ducati Diavel

O2 (Open Class) Foreign - 551cc & Above, Unrestricted: 1-Sundeep Singh Sokhi (Secunderabad; Kawasaki ZX 14R; 9.917s); 2-Mohd. Riyaz (Hyd; Yamaha R1; 9.965s); 3-Zubair Ali Jung (Bengaluru; Suzuki Hayabusa; 10.048s)

W1 - Indian Fastest Wheeler Class: 1-Sachin Khengle (Navi Mumbai; KTM RC 390; 19.312s); 2-Branco Gomes (Mumbai; Pulsar 220; 21.774s); 3-Shabaz Vora (Thane; Bajaj Pulsar; 23.556s)

W2 Foreign Fastest Wheelie Class: 1-Nadeem Shah (Mumbai; Kawasaki Z1000; 12.502s); 2-Shahbaz Vora (Thane; Triumph; 12.980s).


Fastest Foreign Bike of Event: O2 Class – Mohammed Riyaz (Hyd; Yamaha R1; 9.686s)

Fastest Time of Event: O2 Class – Mohammed Riyaz (Hyd; Yamaha R1; 9.686s)

Fastest Rider of Event – Female: M9 Class Sonia Patel (Guj; Aprilla RSV4; 11.854s)

Fastest Time of Event - Female: M9 Class Sonia Patel (Guj; Aprilla RSV4; 11.854s).


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