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Cheeky reactions to India football jersey for BRICS Cup

October 27, 2015 14:53 IST

The India football jersey for the Under-17 BRICKS football tournament

IMAGE: The jersey of India's Under-17 Bricks Football Cup. Photograph: Twitter

The Indian football team's jersey for the Under-17 BRICS Diplomatic Football Cup was unveiled last week.

The jersey, coloured in the standard blue hue with a large lotus imprinted on it, has called for strong reactions from Indian football fans.

Twitter and Facebook was full of criticism – including some cheeky comments – over look of the uniform to be adorned by the junior India squad for the tournament.

One Unni Paravannur tweeted: 'BJP Cup or BRICS FOOTBALL CUP? Decide on the name first'.

Another person ‏@ManasMitul reacted to the jersey stating :’Those go with RSS shorts’.

A satirical group on Facebook called 'Beef Janata Party' questioned: 'Is it an Indian team or a BJP team representing us? pot-belly lotus...’

Some people also suggested that the design was made to butter the powers that be.

@Innovate007’s reaction was thus: ‘Basically the pvt org conducting the tourney is trying suck up to the govt’

Abhijit Bharali ‏@blowmeoffaridge tweeted: ‘The competition name suggests plenty politics is involved & when there is politics involved in football, I couldn't care less’.

There were also some funny comments like that by Shamir Reuben ‏@BlueBanter who tweeted: ‘That jersey is so bad I'd throw BRICS at the makers’.

But Deepinder kaur‏@deepchauhan tried to bring reason to the design: ‘Honestly even a amateur will design better than this. For those saying grow up. Lotus is our national flower so they could have used different colours knowing very well where this 1 belongs.”

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