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Why Is This Child Opening Libraries?

Last updated on: May 10, 2023 13:23 IST
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IMAGE: Akarshana Sathish collected 4,834 books and used them to open three libraries for children in Hyderabad. Photograph: ANI Photo

Why are these villagers climbing down a 70-foot well?

The Top Videos of the Week, listed by Shailajanand Mishra.

Also see: Galwan hero's wife joins the army.

Why an engineer has become an Uber driver.

The world's oldest working locomotive heritage steam engine.

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When You Open Your Tap, Do You Get Water?
Location: Nashik

These villagers don't.

The residents of Gangodbari village in Nashik's Peth Taluka have to risk their lives every day to fetch water by precariously descending into a 70-foot deep well.

As the temperatures continue soar, their trek will only get more perilous.

All videos: ANI


Why This Engineer Drives An Uber
Location: Kolkata

She's an engineer but challenging circumstances -- brought about her father's death in 2020 -- saw her become an Uber driver.

Today, Dipta Ghosh proudly supports her mother and younger sister.

While she says she has never felt unsafe as a driver, there is one issue she regularly faces.


Seen The World's Oldest Working Steam Engine?
Location: Chennai

If not, you must certainly visit the EIR-1 Steam Engine Train, located at the Perambur locomotive workshop in Chennai.



How The Pamban Bridge Allows Boats To Pass
Location: Rameswaram

By splitting into two, that's how.

And tourists gather every day to watch this happen.

Here are some other interesting facts about this bridge.

It is the oldest sea bridge in India.

It's the longest bridge in India constructed over a bay.

And it is India's first sea bridge.

If you haven't seen it in action yet, take a look.


Kangana Performs The Ganga Aarti
Location: Haridwar

Did Kangana Ranaut visit the Dakshin Kali temple in Haridwar to pray for her next film, Emergency?

Later, she also performed the Ganga Aarti at the Namami Gange Ghat.


Galwan Hero's Wife Joins Indian Army
Location: Chennai

In 2020, Naik Deepak Singh made the supreme sacrifice for the nation at Galwan.

He was posthumously honoured with the Vir Chakra.

Last week saw another proud moment for the family when his wife, Lieutenant Rekha Singh, successfully graduated from the Officers Training Academy in Chennai.



11 Year Old Sets Up Third Library
Location: Hyderabad

Akarshana Sathish has always been passionate about books.

And it's a passion the 11 year old wanted to share with the world.

She began by gathering books from her family, her neighbours and her classmates. The total number of books she managed to collect soon reached 4,834.

Akarshana set up her first children's library at the MNJ Cancer Children's Hospital and the second at the Sanath Nagar police station.

Recently, she set up a third library at the Special-cum-Children Home and Observation Home for Girls at Nimboliadda.


Feature Presentation: Rajesh Alva/

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