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Want To Become A Millionaire? Sell Tomatoes

Last updated on: July 26, 2023 08:46 IST
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IMAGE: In May, farmer Ishwar Gaykar dumped his tomato crop due to low prices. Now, his fresh tomato crop has made him a millionaire. Photograph: ANI

When the Yamuna touched the Taj.

The Top Videos of the Week, listed by Shailajanand Mishra.

Also see: He thought he was bringing home kittens.

The devotee stork.

Videos chosen by you through your likes on iShare.


Not Every 'Kitten' Is What It Looks Like
Location: Nuh

A cattle rearer in Haryana's Kotla village brought home what he thought were a pair of kittens.

Here's what they turned out to be.

All Videos: ANI


The World's Second Most Beautiful City Is In India
Location: (We don't want to give it away just yet)

Which one is it?



In One Month, This Farmer Became A Millionaire
Location: Pune

What did he do?

He sold tomatoes.


The Yamuna Reaches The Taj
Location: Agra

Rain havoc continues across the country.

For the first time in 45 years, the waters of the Yamuna actually flooded the gardens behind the Taj Mahal.


Want To See The World's Largest Office?
Location: Surat

First head to India.

Then head to Surat.

Fun fact: The Surat Diamond Bourse has dethroned the Pentagon as the largest office building in the world, says CNN.


Bravo, IAF!
Location: Mandi

The Indian Air Force does not shy away from any challenge.

IAF choppers have been delivering essential supplies to Shaktee, Maror, which has been cut from regular transport routes due to the torrential rains.

And when a medical team was needed, the IAF helped them reach Shaktee as well.

Even if they had to nearly land in a river to do so.


The Mitti Cafe At Mumbai's International Airport
Location: Mumbai

You'll be received with beaming smiles and served with grace and joy.

But that is not what makes Mitti Cafe so special.

If you are at Mumbai airport, do stop by.


The Bird Who Worships Maa Kali
Location: Basti

The stork begins its day by ringing the bell at Mata Kali's temple.

And then, it spends time with its human friends.

In the evening, it returns to the temple and rings the bell again.


Feature Presentation: Ashish Narsale/

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