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Astounding Images from Sony World Photography Awards 2022

April 05, 2022 08:56 IST
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The World Photography Organisation has revealed the finalists and shortlisted photographers in the Professional category of competition for the Sony World Photography Awards 2022.

Now in its 15th year, the Awards' Professional competition rewards remarkable series of works both for technical skill and an original approach to contemporary subjects.

The winner of Photographer of the Year 2022 will be chosen from the Professional finalists and announced on 12 April.

A selection of images by finalists and shortlisted photographers will be exhibited as part of the Sony World Photography Awards at Somerset House in London from April 13-May 2, 2022.

Over 340,000 images from 211 territories were submitted to the Sony World Photography Awards 2022 and over 156,000 were entered into the Professional competition -- the highest number of entries in the history of the Awards.

Of the ten categories of the competition, three finalists have been finalised for each category, here are some of the projects from that chosen list.

Please click on the images for a better look.

Kabul Street Portraits by Phillip Walter Wellman

IMAGE: Mohammad Massoud, 63, was photographed in April, during Ramadan. He usually sells vegetables on a cart he pushed through the streets, but during Ramadan -- when observers fast during the day -- watering cans sell better. He wasn't too concerned about the imminent departure of foreign forces.
'We Afghans are all Muslims, if we come together and accept each other when the foreigners leave, everything will be fine,' he said. Photograph: Phillip Walter Wellman, United States of America, Shortlist, Professional, Portraiture, 2022 Sony World Photography Awards


Hunters by Brent Stirton

IMAGE: In Doume village, Lastoursville, Gabon, expert bushmeat hunter Nkani Mbou Mboudin is seen with an antelope he just shot hunting in the forest around his village.
This village survives on fishing and bushmeat. Gabon has a sustainable bushmeat culture, largely because of its small population and largely protected habitats. Photograph: Brent Stirton, South Africa, Finalist, Professional, Portraiture, 2022 Sony World Photography Awards


Observing Fox by Milan Radisics

IMAGE: 'Roxy stares at the camera from the base of a moss-covered linden tree. The fox is hiding behind the tree observing my window and trying to decide whether it's safe. When we first became acquainted, any sudden movement would make the fox rush to a corner of the courtyard to hide behind the bushes. Learning from this, I stayed behind the window to follow Roxy's undisturbed behaviour.' Photograph: Milan Radisics, Hungary, Finalist, Professional, Wildlife & Nature, 2022 Sony World Photography Awards


Closeness? by Mikołaj Marczuk

IMAGE: What is closeness? Photograph: Mikołaj Marczuk, Poland, Shortlist, Professional, Portfolio, 2022 Sony World Photography Awards


Painful Death of Birds by Mehdi Mohebi Puor

IMAGE: The shore of the lagoon is full of birds and people who come to the beach are indifferent to their death as if nothing has happened. Photograph: Mehdi Mohebi Puor, Iran, Shortlist, Professional, Environment, 2022 Sony World Photography Awards


Portfolio-10 by Marlena Waldthausen

IMAGE: Lise Scott works as a nanny but decided not to have children of her own. Photograph: Marlena Waldthausen, Germany, Shortlist, Professional, Portfolio, 2022 Sony World Photography Awards


The Earth Belongings by Majid Hojjat

IMAGE: A painting of lush nature, with the clean climate of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari province's past, is located in the dry desert of this province. The sign reads: 'I must remember not to do anything that is against the law of the Earth'. Photograph: Majid Hojjati, Iran, Shortlist, Professional, Landscape, 2022 Sony World Photography Awards


Future Studies 6 by Luca Locatelli

IMAGE: The patriarch -- that's the name given to this millenary oleaster, a wild olive tree. It's struggling for survival after fires devastated Sardinia, Italy, in July 2021. The extraordinary vitality and resilience of olive trees will allow for many to rebound. This tree is in 'intensive care', with a tarp protecting it from heavy winds and rain that could damage it further. Photograph: Luca Locatelli, Italy, Shortlist, Professional, Portfolio, 2022 Sony World Photography Awards


Life Of Volunteer 8 by Kyaw Zay Yar Lin

IMAGE: He is a volunteer in a COVID-19 rescue unit. He wears a PPE suit throughout the day while undertaking his duties.
His philanthropy includes spraying biocide in public places, taking contact patients to hospitals and wrapping dead bodies in winding sheets. He transfers cadavers from hospitals, or homes, to the cemetery with other volunteers.
This work is stressful and demanding. He prays to see the end of this pandemic as soon as possible.
But for now, his work isn't finished. The volunteers hold funerals in accordance with each religion. They take care of themselves by spraying biocide on each other. Now, all of the volunteers from around the world are busy and tired. They are truly altruistic people, and this essay is to express my respect and pride. Photograph: Kyaw Zay Yar Lin, Myanmar, Shortlist, Professional, Documentary Projects, 2022 Sony World Photography Awards


A Thing Like War': Hunger after Conflict by Hugh Kinsella Cunningham

IMAGE: Eight months into her pregnancy, Jose Ndaya, 23, is seen at a health centre, where she is receiving treatment for her malnourished daughter. 'When we saw groups of soldiers moving around, we were forced to flee... the children and I were afraid, had wounds on our bodies. We were afraid of encountering combatants, so we ate very badly out in the land... we had nothing, we only took our clothes.' Photograph: Hugh Kinsella Cunningham, United Kingdom, Shortlist, Professional, Creative, 2022 Sony World Photography Awards


Sea Lion Hunting 2 by Graeme Purdy

IMAGE: Like an Olympic athlete performing a perfectly choreographed routine, the sea lion preys on these sardines. The sardines's only hope is to dive into the deep dark blue but the sea lion knows this and pins them to the surface waiting for its moment to strike. Photograph: Graeme Purdy, Northern Ireland, Shortlist, Professional, Wildlife & Nature, 2022 Sony World Photography Awards


Exotic appetite by Federico Borella

IMAGE: Chameleons in plastic boxes, on display during an exotic animals trade fair in Vicenza, Italy, in November 2021. Photograph: Federico Borella, Italy, Finalist, Professional, Wildlife & Nature, 2022 Sony World Photography Awards


Sea Horse by Arun Kuppuswamy Mohanraj

IMAGE: 125 images were stacked together to create this image using glycerine as the background medium, and with a backlit base LED light source. Photograph: Arun Kuppuswamy Mohanraj, United Kingdom, Shortlist, Professional, Wildlife & Nature, 2022 Sony World Photography Awards


Home To Me by Anna Neubauer

IMAGE: 'I photographed Bashir and Jade in early 2020 in their apartment in London for a project about intersectional diversity and I loved capturing this intimate moment. When I think about meeting people for the first time, and then getting to know them so intimately in such a short time, I feel like I'm way out of my comfort zone. But looking at this image reminds me of how much I love the process.' Photograph: Anna Neubauer, Austria, Finalist, Professional, Portfolio, 2022 Sony World Photography Awards


Take-Off! by Adam Pretty

IMAGE: Jonas Schomburg of Germany takes off as he dives into the water during the men's triathlon at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Photograph: Adam Pretty, Australia, Finalist, Professional, Sport, 2022 Sony World Photography Awards.

Published with permission from the World Photography Organisation

Photographs curated by Rajesh Karkera/
Feature Presentation: Rajesh Alva/



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