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These states helped Donald trump Hillary

Last updated on: November 09, 2016 13:57 IST
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Republican Donald Trump has been elected as 45th President of the United States after winning 276 electoral votes.


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Trump wins Wisconsin which has 10 electoral votes. He’s been declared President-elect of the United States with 276 electoral votes as compared to Hillary Clinton's 218.
Donald Trump wins the Keystone state of Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes. He’s at 264 electoral votes and ahead in counting in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Arizona, any of which makes him president.
Some relief for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats as she takes Nevada, taking her numbers up to 215. That's compared to Trump's 244 after he won Iowa.
Donald Trump wins North Carolina, dealing a huge blow to the Clinton campaign. North Carolina awards its 15 electoral votes to Trump.
Democratic candidate Clinton wins Hawaii. Four more electoral votes for Clinton
That's a surprise. Florida, where the Republican candidate Trump has been trailing, wins. Another 29 electoral votes go to him. He's also won Idaho. 
Trump gets a big boost with Ohio. That’s 18 more electoral votes for Trump.
Clinton wins Virginia and Colorado. If Michigan goes her way, she could be well on her way to the White House.
Clinton wins New Mexico. That's good for her, but she has some catching up to do with Trump.
Another win for the Republican. Trump wins the state of Missouri.
Donald Trump has won Montana. The Republican presidential nominee on Tuesday was awarded the state's three electoral votes. The result was not a surprise, as Montana was considered a safely Republican state.
Donald Trump has won Louisiana and its eight electoral votes. That extends his Electoral College total in Tuesday's elections to 137.
Hillary Clinton has won Connecticut. She was awarded Connecticut's seven electoral votes. Clinton now has 104 electoral votes.
Republican Donald Trump has won Arkansas and its six electoral votes.
Trump awarded Texas' 38 electoral votes, the second-largest prize on the map. He also won six from Kansas, four from his victories in Nebraska and three apiece from Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota.
Clinton wins Illinois and pockets 20 electoral votes.
Clinton wins New York and its 29 electoral votes.
Donald Trump has won Mississippi and its six electoral votes.
Hillary Clinton has won Rhode Island and its four electoral votes.
Clinton narrowly clinches New Jersey's 14 electoral votes 
Democrat Hillary Clinton has won Vermont. Vermont gives Clinton three electoral votes.
Republican Donald Trump has won Kentucky and Indiana. Trump was awarded Kentucky's eight electoral votes and Indiana's 11
Republican Donald Trump has won West Virginia and its five electoral votes.
Democrat Hillary Clinton has won Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware and the District of Columbia while Republican Donald Trump has captured Oklahoma. Clinton was awarded Massachusetts' 11 electoral votes, 10 from Maryland, 14 from New Jersey and three each from Delaware and the nation's capital, giving her 44 for the night. Trump picked up seven from Oklahoma, giving him 31.
Donald Trump has won South Carolina. The Republican nominee was awarded the state's nine electoral votes.
Donald Trump has won Tennessee and its 11 electoral votes. Tuesday's vote is the fifth presidential contest in a row in which the state voted for the Republican candidate. That includes the 2000 election, when native son Al Gore lost the state to Republican George W Bush.
Donald Trump has won Alabama and its nine electoral votes after Sen. Jeff Sessions endorsed the billionaire candidate. That brings Trump's total in the Electoral College to 60 votes, to Clinton's 44 votes. It takes 270 votes to win the presidency.
Clinton wins big in Rhode Island with 49.6% of the vote

 Photograph: Alex Wroblewski/Reuters

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