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Show juvenile's face to public after he is released: Nirbhaya's parents

Source: ANI
December 11, 2015 11:29 IST
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The visibly heartbroken and exhausted parents of Nirbhaya on Friday slammed reports of the Home ministry contemplating of having the juvenile convict sign a legal bond affirming good behaviour after his release, and demanded to know how it would guarantee that he would not repeat the crime again.

"The government should just release him if they want to and spare us all this drama. What's the difference if he signs the bond? It's all useless. If he walks free, then I have not received justice. The government needs to think about the public when they let him go. It sends a wrong message to other boys like him in the society. I have tried everything and have appealed to everyone I could, to ensure he does not walk free," Nirbhaya's mother told ANI.

However, she added that if the juvenile signs the bonds and is let go, then his face should be shown to the public so that they know what he is capable of and protect themselves. She also asserted that he not 'reformed' over his three years of remand.

"The people need to see his face and realise what he is capable of. It's quite obvious that he will not repeat the crime fearing incarceration, but he will get them done other. He has his groups and he will ensure that they do his dirty work for him, since he knows that he will be in trouble if he is caught again. Besides, I don't think he has reformed. Has he apologised? Or shows signs of remorse? I don't know what will happen in the future," she said.

Putting the onus on the government to ensure that the public is safe one the juvenile is released, she added that the laws need to change or else the women in the nation would never be safe from such crimes.

"The government should try to protect the public the way they are trying to defend the juvenile. Our daughters will keep getting sacrificed if the laws are not changed. I am not against the government, but I am against what happened three years ago and I will keep fighting until my daughter gets justice. This bond is useless and it is being signed to save him, so that he remains under the government's radar," Nirbhaya's mother said.

Meanwhile, mocking the entire notion of having a bond signed by the juvenile, Nirbhaya's father suggested that 'Z + security' be given to the convict since the government seems to be very keen on protecting him instead of giving justice.

"What laws have been made for the safety of the women and the girls who are being raped? The public is being made fools since December 16th is nearing and the government wants the people to be calm. If the government thinks that his life is in danger then he should be given the security that is provided to the prime minister, or why not the Z+ security? Why is the court looking at his age when the criminal does not think of age himself? Age should not matter," he said.

Earlier, reports emerged that the Union Home ministry is contemplating to ask the juvenile convict to sign a legal bond affirming good behaviour after his release.

The juvenile, who was under 18 when he was arrested for rape and murder of Nirbhaya, was tried under the Juvenile Justice Act and ordered to keep in a remand home for three years and is set to be released this month.

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Source: ANI
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