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What COVID-19 lockdown looks like around the world

May 25, 2020 08:23 IST
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These captivating photos snapped by photographers across the globe amid the coronavirus pandemic showcase how different nations have experienced a life under lockdown.

In total, 15,697 photos have been submitted to the contest. The power is now in the global community's hands to cast their votes and decide which photo should win #StayHome. The most-voted photo will be revealed through the Agora app on May 27 and will win the top prize of $1,000.


Octavi Royo, CEO and co-founder of the app Agora, which is running the competiton, said the photos gave 'a point of view on the confinement and to share a message of hope to humanity through their photograph'.

Take a look at some of the best entries here.

Wash clothes (Kenya)
During this quarantine period, the family bond should grow, the emotions should flow within to strengthen the relationships at home. Photograph: @spartanphotography254/Agora Images
Sisters (Indonesia)

Quarantine isn't so bad when you get to spend it with your sisters! It's a great moment to strengthen family bonds and try new routines together. Photograph: @krisbianto.andy/Agora Images
Yoga at home (Spain)

I've been practising yoga daily since the quarantine has started. On that day, I set up a tripod and my dog decided that it was time for him to stretch by my side, and of course, kiss me all over my face. He is so adorable. I don't have kids, my dog is like my child. I wanted to transmit that together, we are stronger and better. The best thing in life is to enjoy little moments like this. Photograph: @evablanco/Agora Images
Singing on the roof (Spain)

Every day, we climb to our roof to sing songs of hope and happiness to our neighbors, but also to pay tribute to all the doctors, nurses, and volunteers fighting this global pandemic. We love to share the good vibes from our home! It makes the confinement more bearable. Stay home, stay safe. Photograph: @lepetitmutant/Agora Images
Stay home and shoot (Italy)

Let your creativity guide you to make this quarantine more bearable and, find unique and creative ideas to keep you busy at home while social distancing. Photograph: @alexdeangelis_/Agora Images
Spacemen (Russia)

Stay home and stay creative! This quarantine has been a great opportunity to have fun with the kids at home. Photograph: @katerinazefirova/Agora Images
Reto de un foto al día (Spain)

I challenged myself to take a picture every day during the lockdown, and I realised my neighbors are an important part of my life now. I’m doing this quarantine alone and I celebrated my birthday with them, so I wanted to make them part of my challenge. Photograph: @claror/Agora Images
Little chef (Russia)

What better way to kill time during self-quarantine than cooking with your family? Photograph: @kateomely/Agora Images
Sewing masks (Indonesia)

Tailors around the country are answering the need for more masks to fight the COVID-19 global pandemic. Photograph: @omchandra/Agora Images
Se puede viajar desde casa (Spain)

My goal was to convey the possibility of traveling with your mind through literature, despite being confined at home. Photograph: @cristianbustosriera/Agora Images
Spanish way of celebrating medical staff (France)

These people are my amazing neighbors, who transformed this Covid-19 quarantine into some incredible moments of happiness and sharing. They have been playing instruments every day at 8 pm, sharing their passion for music with everyone who lives nearby. These simple pleasures give people a break from the bad news. It gives them hope. Now that I know all of them, I’ve already been invited to their wine cave to have a drink altogether once the lockdown lifts off. Photograph: @nicoprg/Agora Images
Making the most of this time at home to relax (UK)

I wanted to portray lockdown as an opportunity to rest and escape busy day-to-day life, as a chance to reflect and give nature a break from exhausting human activity. The warmth of the golden hour light entering through the window represents the safety and protection that this obligatory time at home provides. In this shot, my partner is captured enjoying and making the most of this time at home to relax, enjoy the beauty of nature, and practice a neglected hobby of his. The Lake District National Park is one of the UK’s most touristic areas, however due to the crisis it is now emptier than ever. Photograph: @adeleandjuan/Agora Images
Quarantine haircut (USA)

My son was long past due for a haircut and he was so very excited to have it cut by his dad. He begged me to photograph the experience as it felt to him to be rare and he wanted to capture it forever. Photograph: @kytawillets/Agora Images
Outdoor sports photographer in quarantine (Spain)

Boredom and the desire to go out have made us all develop our most creative side. As a climber and photographer, I was able to enjoy a pleasant afternoon thinking about and developing a climbing route in my own kitchen. Fortunately, it was not necessary to carry heavy backpacks to light and photograph the scene. Photograph: @dmartphoto/Agora Images
Never enough of my favourite toys (Germany)

Toilet paper is an everyday item and is a very popular toy for my two cats. When the corona pandemic broke out, a lot of people rushed to buy toilet paper. Soon enough you couldn't get any more in the shops. I found the whole thing so absurd that it inspired me to take this photo. So far I can not understand why people think of toilet paper first in such a difficult time. This behavior is just anti-social. The photo may seem very funny to some, but it is meant ironically to stimulate thought. The photoshoot was of course very funny for my cat. He didn't want to stop playing. Photograph: @a.rosenthal/Agora Images
Let's build a house and watch movies (Honduras)

My three kids were eager to do something different on that day, as we'd been a month into the quarantine already. We started to play with the furniture in the living room, and my kids had the idea to build a small house from where they would watch movies the whole afternoon. I picked up my camera and started shooting while my kids took turns playing in the house they had built. Photograph: @joalze23/Agora Images
Descanso frente a la ventana (Argentina)

I have 4 children, they've been my favourite models during the lockdown. I wanted to transmit the peace and tranquility in this time for introspection that life has given us, a time to rediscover oneself. Photograph: @paulaaranoa/Agora Images
Juegos (Spain)

Here's my son Victor. Just like many other kids, he's been enduring the lockdown at home without being able to go outside. Children experience the whole situation in a different way than adults: they can play and have fun with almost anything. In this case, my son's main entertainment was to watch the clothes in the washing machine. Photograph: @photollarena/Agora Images
El deseo de volverte a ver (Spain)

In this self-portrait, I wanted to demonstrate my feeling of hope about seeing my daughter again when all this will be over. I'm holding one of her drawings in my hand, thinking about her. Photograph: @wmr.valdez/Agora Images
Stay home (Romania)

Even during the lockdown, you still have many small moments to cherish with your loved ones. It's the little things in life that matter. Photograph: @rotundperfect/Agora Images
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