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This Japanese museum is 'poop'ular!

April 22, 2019 08:26 IST
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Japan has everything from islands inhabited by cats and bunnies, a ramen museum, bamboo forests, and beautiful gardens.

And now, add to that list -- a new pop-up museum devoted to poop in Yokohama!

Take a look at the Unko museum named after the Japanese word for "poop".


The Unko museum opened on March 15 and will be around till July 15. For those who worry about the poop being actual, don't worry. The poop here is of the emoji kind. Photograph: @unko_museum2019/Twitter

The museum focuses exclusively on cute, pastel-coloured unko complete with its own mascot character 'Unberuto' -- a walking poop pile that carries around its own toilet. Photograph: Kim Kyung-hoon/Reuters

The museum is divided into three themed zones, each named after an unko wordplay -- 'un'teractive, 'un'sta-genic and 'un'telligence. Kids can look forward to a ball pit with a huge poop sculpture towering in the middle, while their parents could watch them from unko-shaped seats. Photograph: Kim Kyung-hoon/Reuters

For Instagrammers, you’ll have the chance to have your photos taken while posing with a bunch of colourful poops. Photograph: @unko_museum2019/Twitter

The museum attracts over 1,000 visitors each day. Visitors can buy poop-shaped trinkets with a wall for them to draw their own poop. Photograph: Kim Kyung-hoon/Reuters

In the 'un'teractive art display, called the kuso (Japanese for shit) game, you can step on turd-shaped light-projections in order to splatter them. Photograph: Kim Kyung-hoon/Reuters

Believe it or not, the Unko Museum won't be the world’s first poop museum, either. That dubious honor goes to the Museo Della Merda (Sh*t Museum) in Italy, which covers the history of poop as well as innovative uses for manure. Photograph: Kim Kyung-hoon/Reuters

The people behind the museum say the purpose of the whole thing is to de-stigmatise faeces. "Generally, poop has a negative impression as dirty and stinky," said Ayami Tashiro, a spokeswoman for Akatsuki Inc, the company that organized the show. "We thought we can offer entertainment that no one has experienced before." Photograph: Kim Kyung-hoon/Reuters
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