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Welcome to a museum where the art is sweet!

July 13, 2018 08:30 IST
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Dive into a giant pool of marshmallows!

Frozen delights come to life in Ice Cream Land.

And giant scented lollipops will rotate until you go insanely happy!

Welcome to The Sweet Art Museum in the neighbourhood of Marvila in Lisbon where the art is sweet.


The Sweet Art Museum is the first pop-up digital museum in Europe fully dedicated to happiness.

Carla Santos and Hugo Silva, the project mentors, were inspired by similar spaces that opened last year in other countries and decided to replicate the concept in a space to explore the “dream, sweet and colourful” universe.

Take a look at this fun, Instagram-friendly space!

With a pink exterior and eight colourful and dream-like themed rooms offering interactive experiences, this museum definitely lives up to its tagline ‘say yes to happiness’. Photograph: @thesweetartmuseum/Instagram

Dive in! The museum has a massive pool with (plastic) marshmallows that visitors can dive into (the ‘Splash Mallow Pool’). Photograph: @thesweetartmuseum/Instagram

Welcome to ‘Ice Cream Land’ where visitors will be able to discover the flavour of happiness. Photograph: thesweetartmuseum

It’s the perfect place to chill with friends and have a blast, or should we say… a chill time. Photograph: @thesweetartmuseum/Instagram

The place is open on Wednesday, Thursday, Fridays and the weekends and tickets for the general crowds is €20 (Rs 1,600). Photograph: @thesweetartmuseum/Instagram

The Sweet Art Museum isn’t just for kids and millenials… It’s for one and all. Photograph: @thesweetartmuseum/Instagram

Life is like an ice cream, enjoy it before it melts. Photograph: @thesweetartmuseum/Instagram

DoNut worry, be happy! Unapologetically 10 per cent Instagram-friendly, the SAM encourages future visitors to share their best shots using the hashtags #TheSweetArtMuseum, #SayYesToHappiness and #TheSAM. Photograph: @thesweetartmuseum/Instagram

Head on to the happiest place in Europe, and here's something to make you smile even more. For each ticket sold, the museum will donate €1 to Terra dos Sonhos, a Portuguese charity that makes dreams come true for children with chronic diseases, institutionalised teens, and senior citizens. Photograph: @thesweetartmuseum/Instagram

With a pool of colourful balloons and ice cream, how can one not be happy? Photograph: @thesweetartmuseum/Facebook

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