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This article was first published 5 years ago  » News » This is nature at its funniest, courtesy Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

This is nature at its funniest, courtesy Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

May 10, 2019 08:52 IST
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Some seem to be having a whale of a time. Others, grinning for the camera, or caught in "gotcha" embarrassing moment.


These are the best entries so far in the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, 2019.

The award aims to raise awareness of wildlife conservation through the power of laughter.

The deadline to submit entries for the competition is June 30, 2019.

(Click on the images for a full-screen resolution)

Pair ice skating

A pair of gentoo penguins on NekoIsland in South Georgia is training for the pair ice skating at the next Winter Olympics. Photograph: Andre Erlich/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019


Sea Otter tickle fight

Haha stop tickling - I surrender!
Amazing (and hilarious in this shot's case!) close up views of Sea Otters cavorting in Elkhorn Slough just off Monterey Bay, California, when we were on holiday there. These hugely impressive Sea Otters were completely at ease and interacting with each other with characteristic Otter playfulness. Feeding on crabs together, these two still found time for a tickle fight to decide who got the juiciest crab for dinner! An enchanting and amusing memory, from an unforgettable wildlife experience. Photograph: Andy Harris/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019


The photographer at work

A photographer is busy at work! Photograph: Bob Riach/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019


The Bear Necessities

In Alaska this past summer, we were watching Brown Bears catching salmon out of a small river. This young juvenile had a very successful morning and walked over next to us and plopped down with a full stomach. Over the next 10 minutes he went through a hilarious range of emotions - from hiding his face from the light of day and completely passing out, to giving us a "diva" look and his overall face of satisfaction. We were all laughing away as he looked like we normally do after Thanksgiving dinner. Photograph: Eric Fisher/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019



Either penguins are working on a new form of jet propulsion, or someone has a little gas. This penguin was standing in the water all by himself when the water started churning, then turned to splashing and then full eruption. When it was all done, the penguin looked around and carried on with the rest of his day. Photograph: Eric Keller/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019


Show Time

It's a normal behaviour of mantis. They're doing defence. When they're afraid of raising their arms and spreading their wings. They look like smiling dancers. Photograph: Hasan Baglar/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019


I'll hold my breath until I get some nuts

Chipmunk and their antics at my pond. Photograph: Isabelle Marozzo/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019


Dad tells off the kids

This was taken on KangarooIsland. Every family is the same.. Dad tells off the kids, they stand at attention but deep down they are rolling their eyes. Photograph: Nicola Beyfus/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019


Space Man

"I've got a space suit and a helmet and one day I'll fly the moon, but only when it's banana shaped". This sweet little Japanese Snow Monkey ran around after he had rolled in the snow. Photograph: Roie Galitz/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019


A Jolly Looking Snowy Owl on the Beach

A Snowy Owl makes a cute pose and face as he perches in the sand at Jones Beach, Long Island. Photograph: Vicki Jauron/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019



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