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Stunning finalists in the 'best photo of eyes' contest

November 21, 2019 09:12 IST
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These incredible photos show off just how expressive the eyes can be.

Photographers from around the globe were challenged to capture images which featured eyes as part of the Agora Images contest called the World's Best Photos of #Eyes2019.

There were more than 23,660 submissions, and the photos featured below have all made the top 50 -- which is an incredible achievement.


A winner will be selected on December 12 who will win the prize of $1,000 (Rs 71,772).

Stalking Prey

This image by @kuritafsheen, Indonesia, is a rather terrifying portrait of a crocodile, lurking as it waits for something tasty to come its way. Photograph: @kuritafsheen/Agora

Wild Silverback Gorilla

This photo captures the soulful gaze of this precious primate. Photograph: @joeshelly/Agora

Brilliant Peacock

The brilliance of this peacock's feathers seem to shine through the camera lens. Photograph: @aunghtun62/Agora


Pakistani photographer @asimijaz snapped this photo while the man began to pray and drifted off into a meditative state. Photograph: @asimijaz/Agora

A Little World

Photographer @mdabirhasan, from Bangladesh, captures a small frog that lives in the marsh water and keeps a close eye on his environment. Photograph: @mdabirhasan/Agora

Toucan Eye

'Toucan Eye' by @a.rosenthal, from Germany. Although the photographer faced a challenge by having to photograph through a safety net, she still succeeded in capturing all of the vivid colours of this beautiful toucan. Photograph: @a.rosenthal/Agora

Forgive me

This sweet-faced baby monkey holds a lot of expression in its golden eyes. Photograph: @cymot/Agora

Listen to What She Says with Her Eyes

The photographer captures the natural beauty of his model perfectly with this stunning photograph. Photograph: @eighthman/Agora


'Intense' by @saavedraphotography, from Spain, portrays a great grey owl with a captivating stare. The photographer believes that owls are animals that say it all with their eyes. Photograph: @saavedraphotography/Agora

A Jumping Spider's Eyes

Most spiders can only detect light and dark. Experiments have shown that some spiders can even recognise and respond to shapes on television monitors. Photograph: @ehtarmoo/Agora

Little Girl With Blue Eyes

The photographer said they was entranced by this little girl’s eyes, explaining that they looked like “a mysterious message”. Photograph: @nguyenvuphuoc/Agora

Don’t Disturb my Slumber

This image by @velyn_e, from Indonesia, shows a giant snake with bright lime-coloured eyes. Photograph: @velyn_e/Agora



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