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OMG! When 'dinosaurs' attacked Japan!

December 23, 2016 08:33 IST
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The movie Jurassic Park was all fun and amazing.

But imagine if dinosaurs would roam our cities and we were their prey?

Well, this nightmare turned into reality in Tokorozawa in Japan when dinosaurs attacked men and went on a rampage.

Worried? Don’t be, because the dinosaurs weren’t real, but were robots brought to life by Japanese innovation company, ON-ART Corp. 

The dinosaurs created by ON-ART Corp are lightweight, mechanical suits, operated by specially trained pilots. But, the resemblance to the real thing is quite scary, isn’t it?

The company has spent ten years perfecting their dino-suits; they’ve manufactured 13 so far, the most recent of which is a 26-foot-tall Tyrannosaurus.

The company wants to create a real Jurassic Park, which would contain full-sized dinosaur robots. Hmm, no chance these would turn against us, like in the movie?


The dinosaurs may not be real, but they sound as real as the actual ones did with roars, growls, and breathing noises.

Didn't these guys hear that dinosaurs can't be tamed? This one dinosaur seems to be chomping down on a team member. 

That's a close up of the scary beast! 

All photographs: Toru Hanai/Reuters

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