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It's purrfect! Yoga with cats

June 19, 2019 08:32 IST
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With International Yoga Day just around the corner, here's a look at this interesting yoga class in Brooklyn, United States where participants -- human and cats alike -- stretch into various poses!

The Brooklyn Cat Cafe in New York is offering visitors the opportunity to do yoga with its cats. The cafe is run by a non-profit animal rescue organisation, whose mission is to save the city’s cats by offering an inviting destination where cat lovers of all ages can interact with adoptable animals. Photograph: Jeenah Moon/Reuters

Madelyn McHugh cuddles a cat during a cat yoga class at the Brooklyn cat cafe. Photograph: Jeenah Moon/Reuters

Patrons say that despite the cats scampering urgently across the room, they are strangely a relaxing presence during the yoga class. Photograph: Jeenah Moon/Reuters

Yoga with cats has gained a small but cultish following in the United States. Other forms of animal-inspired yoga classes include doga with dogs, yoga with goats and yoga with rabbits. Photograph: Jeenah Moon/Reuters

Many patrons say that cat yoga is just one way to spend time with animals. Photograph: Jeenah Moon/Reuters

Some say the presence of around 10 odd cats is a big stress reliever and the teachers say that the cats do bring a smile on the participants' faces. Photograph: Jeenah Moon/Reuters

What's some stretching without a cat on your stomach! Photograph: Jeenah Moon/Reuters

Yoga instructor Jessi Colon leads a cat yoga class at Brooklyn cat cafe. Photograph: Jeenah Moon/Reuters

How can you not enjoy yoga with a feline looking at you like this one is. Photograph: Jeenah Moon/Reuters

During the shravasana, or final resting pose of a yoga class, “usually at least half the people will have a cat asleep on their chest. Photograph: Jeenah Moon/Reuters
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