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Ganpati@Home: From Behrampur to Borivali

September 15, 2016 10:13 IST

We had asked our readers to send us photos of their Ganesha.

We received many entries, some of which are being showcased below. 

Want to share your photographs? You can post your photos RIGHT HERE, along with your name and location and we will publish the best images, with due credit to the sender.

You can also E-mail your photographs to us at

Earlier in the Series:

Vinay Tiwari sent us this picture of Bappa from his home in Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh

Rajesh Farde shared this photograph of his family's Ganapati in Maharashtra's Shahapur district

Vidhya Shetty's Ganpati at her home

Hemant Deshmukh sent us this photograph of the elephant god at his residence in Mumbai's Goregaon area

Nagesh Sanap sent us this stunning photograph of Ganesha from his home in Thane's Kalwa area

This Ganpati is from a photograph sent to us by Bhavin Patel in Mumbai

Sanjib Mahapatra sent us this photograph from from Behrampur in Orissa

Pitu Jain shared this photograph of Lord Ganesh at his home

Sreekanth Reddy sent us this photograph of Lord Ganesha from his home in Hyderabad

Bhavesh Dattani shared this photograph of Lord Ganesh complete with the message 'Padhega India tabhi to badhega India' at his home in Thane

Balaso Mane Miraj shared this photograph of Bappa clicked at his family's home in Maharashtra's Sangli region

Mahendrakumar Dokwal sent us this Ganpati from his home 

Arun Pal shared this photograph of Gajanan from his office

Udit Jain shared this image of Lord Ganesha from Meerut in Uttar Pradesh

Darshan Jadhav sent us this photograph of Ganpati Bappa from his home in Borivali