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Feathers, fun and fanfare! It's time for the carnival

February 28, 2017 07:57 IST

Rio de Janeiro’s famed Carnival got underway as hundreds of thousands roared into the streets for the most colourful festival ever.

Reuters photographers Pilar Olivares, Sergio Moraes, Paulo Whitaker gives us a glimpse of the pomp and the pageantry. 

Dressed in colourful clothes and magnificent headgear, women sashay down the streets during the parade. 

Music, dance and sexy! That's what the carnival is all about. 

The streets of Rio have become one big party with thousands of revelers dancing amid 32 Celsius heat.

A selection weird and wonderful costumes are on display, featuring extravagant feathers and some very risque ensembles. 

Despite it being a difficult time economically for Brazil, the parades were an incredible display of opulence 

Carnival-goers wearing glamorous costumes paraded on large floats through the streets of Rio de Janeiro

A glamorous dancer shows off her gold-themed costume.

The iconic festival brings in more than $ 1 billion to Rio each year. 

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