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After naked 'Trump', New York awakens to naked 'Hillary'

October 19, 2016 11:28 IST

Remember those naked Donald Trump statues that dotted the streets of New York?

Well, now a naked statue of Hillary Clinton appeared on the streets of New York.

IMAGE: Created by Anthony Scioli, the artwork depicted Clinton with hooves and a Wall Street banker resting his head on her bare breast. Photograph: brklynenna/Instagram

The ‘art’ created by Anthony Scioli depicts Clinton with hooves stomping on deleted emails with what appears to be a Wall Street banker wrapping his arms around her naked body.

Witnesses said the statue appeared early in the morning, but it wasn’t before long that an employee at a neighbouring museum named Nancy toppled it over.

With deleted emails scattered around her feet, the statue combined the harshest criticisms plaguing Clinton’s campaign, including accusations that she is cozy with Wall Street banks because she delivered paid speeches to banks like Goldman Sachs.

IMAGE: The statue was put up outside the Bowling Green subway station. Photograph: big_g75/Instagram

A National Museum of the American Indian employee who only identified herself as Nancy yelled, ‘This is obscene!’

A crowd gathered around as Nancy as she toppled the artwork, wrestled it away from Scioli, and sat on the statue to prevent it from being erected again.

Within three hours, the statue got the attention of officers on the city’s counter-terrorism unit, who ordered Scioli to take it down because he did not have the proper permit. 

The artwork appeared two months after similar statues of a naked Donald Trump emerged in multiple cities, including New York San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cleveland and Seattle. They were all eventually taken down by city officials.

Commissioned by the anarchist collective INDECLINE for a project titled ‘The Emperor Has No Balls’, Joshua ‘Ginger’ Monroe was tasked with producing the five, life-size statues of Trump.