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Modern gadgets installed to overhaul Parliament security

August 09, 2012 15:00 IST

Modern gadgets have been installed in the Parliament House Complex to beef up security. Members of Parliament have been issued circulars informing about the security upgrade.

With the installation of boom barriers, vehicles will now be required to keep a distance of at least five feet, as the system allows clearance of only one vehicle at a time.

In case any vehicle accidentally hits the boom barrier, the driver must stop the vehicle.

MPs have been asked to adhere to the speed limits displayed at various locations.

Occupants of vehicles are to be identified at the second boom barrier. Members will therefore have to stop for checking at boom barrier-II.

Vehicles approaching the iron gates have been asked to not exceed a speed limit of 10 kmph. The tyre killers and road blockers installed at the gate get activated in case of an emergency.  

As per a circular, in case vehicles exceed the speed limit of 10 kmph, it may be difficult for the driver to bring the vehicle to a safe halt. Impact against the tyre killers and road blockers could cause serious damage to the vehicle and injuries to the occupants.

Security Power Fence has also been installed in the entire perimeter of Parliament house complex.

The power fence will give a safe and deterrent shock (as per internationally permissible standards) to any person coming in contact with the fence.

Members have been requested to collect their radio frequency tags (for self and vehicle) from the Centralised Pass Issue Cell, to avoid any inconvenience in entering the Parliament premises.

In case bollards are being lowered, MPs have been asked to wait till the bollards are fully raised and clearance given by the security official.

Mobile phone jammers installed too have been installed at various locations in PH Complex.

A Correspondent in New Delhi