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Exclusive: Four issues that need to be resolved before Telangana is formed

By R Rajagopalan
October 29, 2013 14:01 IST
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Telangana will be possible if four major issues are resolved, according to a note circulated on Telangana to the Group of Ministers. The note titled ‘Background note for the Group of Ministers( GoM) regarding the creation of the state of Telangana from the existing state of Andhra Pradesh’ crystallises the job the government must do. 

The most important four things that the secret note suggests are about the importance of Article 371D of the Constitution (which empowers the President to provide reservations in education and employment to people of specific regions within Andhra Pradesh), the status of the city of Hyderabad, water rights and issues of division of gas and strategic establishments.

These are four crucial issues on which consensus is yet to emerge among the Group of Ministers on Telangana.  

These issues are discussed in detail in 85 pages in the document circulated to the Group of Ministers.

The third meeting of Group of Ministers on November 7 will deliberate the sensitive issues, which are listed below: 

Under each title, elaborate notes has been given in the document.

1. City of Hyderabad

2. Polavaram Water Resources

3. Ambedkar Pranahitha Chevella Sujala Sravathi

4. Strategic establishments

5. Jalayagnam scheme

6. Article 371D and the presidential order

7. Power resources

8. Water resources

9. Sales tax accurals by region

10. Access to education

11. Access to medical education

Apart from the above 11 issues, the note also mentions other major sub-clauses which are given below:

a. Capital of the new state of Telangana and residuary state of Andhra Pradesh

b. Governor of the new state

c. Representation in Parliament

d. The council of state Rajya Sabha

e. The House of the People

f. State legislatures

g. Legislative council

h. The legislative assemblies

i. Duration of legislative assemblies

j. Speakers and deputy speakers

k. Rules of Procedure

l. High court

m. Authorisation of expenditure

n. Provisions to create corporations

o. Provisions as to the services like: All India services, other services, Public Service Commission, legal and miscellaneous provisions, distribution of water resources are also under the scanner. 

Issues related to the generation and distribution of electricity and issues related to special provision with respect to the state of Andhra Pradesh have also been circulated among members. While talking about the strategic establishments the note says there are 28 defence establishments or other strategically important establishments with national security significance. In addition there are about 40 institutions owned by the Government of India with national research development and educational interest and nine educational institutions, mostly universities supported by the state government.

All these institutions attract people from all over the country. The note tells the story of the seriousness of the division of a state like Andhra Pradesh and also the government’s predicament in giving birth to Telangana.

The note says while the existing state of AP has 42 seats in the Lok Sabha, after redistribution the new state of Telangana will have 17 seats and the residuary state of AP will have 25 seats.

However, the note also claims that Telangana ‘may’ have 10 districts, meaning it’s not yet finalised.

The note contains proposals circulated for considerations of members so one will have to wait and watch for the final outcome of the deliberations of the GoM.

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The report is kind courtesy of Vaartha, a leading Telugu daily newspaper.

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R Rajagopalan