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Prime Minister Indira Gandhi (left) and Sheikh Mujibur Rehman, the founding father of Bangladesh
Indira Gandhi, Mujibur Rehman


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Lt Gen J S Aurora
Lt Gen A A K Niazi

When Sam quoted chapter and verse to Mrs Gandhi
The Errors of Simla
Without remorse, yours sincerely, America

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Lt Gen J S Aurora
Lt Gen K S Brar

Forty years ago, in a historic war that lasted just 13 days, India defeated Pakistan, marking the nation's greatest military triumph.
We salute the heroes of the 1971 War in this special section.

The flying hero of the 1971 war
His gallant action remains undiminished. It was not his day, yet Nirmal Jit Singh Sekhon made it his own.
The flying hero of the 1971 war
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