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10 Gen Z Actors To Watch Out For!

June 12, 2024 11:07 IST
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They've got talent. They've got determination. They're here to stay.

There's been a steady rise of Gen Z actors trying their luck in showbiz. And what makes their breakout an even bigger deal is they made it without a famous surname.

On that note, a list of 10 rising outsiders from whom wonders can be expected in the years to come.


Vedang Raina

Photograph: Kind courtesy Vedang Raina/Instagram

One glimpse of his suave face and sparkling performance in Zoya Akhtar's candy coloured comic book adaptation of The Archies littered with star children, was enough to place our bets on this new kid on the block.

After standing out in a crowd as the desi Reggie Mantle, Vedang is ready to prove his mettle next to Alia Bhatt in Vasan Bala's highly anticipated Jigra.


Nitanshi Goel

Photograph: Kind courtesy Nitanshi Goel/Instagram

From small screen to big, teenage sensation Nitanshi's journey to success may have begun early. But it's, certainly, well deserved.

As the wide-eyed Phool Kumari of Laapataa Ladies, she exudes the kind of good faith that cannot be feigned and evolves into something special.


Abhay Verma

Photograph: Kind courtesy Abhay Verma/Instagram

Fresh faced Abhay Verma is only starting out. But in a short span, he has already played a transgender (Safed), a terrorist (The Family Man 2), a revolutionary (Aye Watan Mere Watan) and a boy fighting an ancestral monster (Munjya).

Except it's not just the range of characters but also his ability to leave a unique mark in every single one of them that makes him an actor to watch out for.


Pratibha Ranta

Photograph: Kind courtesy Pratibha Ranta/Instagram

Whether she's sounding wise beyond her ears as the spirited Jaya in Laapataa Ladies or eager to bite more than she can chew as the brash Shama in Heeramandi, this Shimla beauty is quite the clutter breaker in an industry full of plastic glamour and hollow talent.


Medha Shankr

Photograph: Kind courtesy Medha Shankr/Instagram

Vikrant Massey isn't the only beneficiary of 12th Fail's underdog success. As his leading lady, Medha makes an equally significant impression with her compelling portrayal of an aspiring bureaucrat.

All she needs to do is continue the path of sensible over superficial and Medha could well be on her way to become the next best thing.


Sparsh Srivastav

Photograph: Kind courtesy Sparsh Srivastav/Instagram

Whether he's playing the endearing husband or good Samaritan to a pair of swapped ladies in the heartland of India for Kiran Rao's sophomore gem or displaying patriotic fervour of the disabled in the fight for freedom in a period drama, Sparsh's blazing talent makes him a talking point even in supporting parts.


Bodhisattva Sharma

Photograph: Kind courtesy Bodhisattva Sharma/Instagram

All India Rank's coming-of-age realisations concerning youthful lives against the backdrop of cut-throat career pursuits wouldn't be so authentic in its expression if not for Bodhisattva's nerdy charms and plausible missteps.

Bollywood needs more of this unpretentious ilk.


Rohit Saraf

Photograph: Kind courtesy Rohit Saraf/Instagram

From Alia Bhatt's sibling in Dear Zindagi to Priyanka Chopra's son in The Sky is Pink, Rohit's steady growth from supporting roles to central characters on OTT's Mismatched makes a strong case for his breezy, boyish charisma to the hilt.

Will Ishq Vishq Rebound prove to be his ticket to Bollywood? Wait and watch.


Anushka Sen

Photograph: Kind courtesy Anushka Sen/Instagram

Everyone's talking about Dil Dosti Dilemma's Asmara and her hoity toity city snob transforming into a suburban activist with a heart of gold thanks to Anushka's bubbly stamina and easy going adorability.

In a sea of over groomed clones, Anushka's gleaming mix of sass and wit arrives like a breath of fresh air.


Sanjeeta Bhattacharya

Photograph: Kind courtesy Sanjeeta Bhattacharya/Instagram

Berklee graduate, singer, songwriter, model, actor, Sanjeeta wears many, many hats with surprising ease.

But it's her complete lack of inhibitions as a bisexual young woman attracted to her co-worker in an advertising company in Feels Like Ishq as well as a badass ally of an all-girls squad flanking Shah Rukh Khan's vigilante in Jawan that wants us to see more of this fiery force.

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