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Give Jackpot a miss!

By R G Vijayasarathy
July 19, 2006 17:26 IST
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It is better to begin this review with a warning: Do not get misled by this film's posters. They depict stars like Sudeep, Daisy Bopanna and Sunil, all of whom have just cameos. In fact, Sudeep and Daisy's presence is limited to just one song!

And, even though Dhyan is the hero, the film is crafted in such a way that he isn't even present in the second half.

The main problem with Jackpot is that director Niranjan has no control over the narration of his own story, which happens to be utterly nonsensical. Although it appears to be a take off from the Hindi film Mister ya Mrs and Telugu film Jambalakadi Pamba, this one does not evoke laughter. There isn't a single scene that can attract the attention of an audience.

Prem and his friend Ramesh, who live together, get close to a neighbourhood girl called Preethi. She doesn't make her intentions clear. Ramesh, jealous of his friend's winning ways, goes to a Tantrik and asks him to stop Prem's advances. The tantrik uses his powers to make Prem a girl. Doesn't really sound like fun, does it?

Dhyan, who had two successful films before Jackpot, cuts a sorry figure as Prem. Sexy actress Antara Biswas, who comes in the second half as the female version of Prem, does just two things -- bite her lips and indulge in a show of cleavage. Dance director Harsha ought not to venture into acting in films like Jackpot. Krupakar's music is mediocre, the dancing has no grace, and only skin has been given importance.

Avoid this one.

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R G Vijayasarathy