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This article was first published 2 years ago  » Movies » Who Says Prabhas Is UPSET with Pooja?

Who Says Prabhas Is UPSET with Pooja?

September 23, 2021 16:54 IST
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'Working with Pooja has been a great experience for Prabhas.'
'Another project with the two is being planned.'

Photograph: Kind courtesy Pooja Hegde/Instagram

Now that the team of the Telugu love story Radhe Shyam has issued a clarification, the stories about the fall-out between Prabhas and Pooja Hegde will come to an end.

However, the disturbing question remains: Who was spreading these lies about Pooja's rapport with Prabhas?

A reliable source from the Telugu film industry tells Subhash K Jha, "Pooja is from outside the Telugu film industry who came and became the number one heroine. After a series of hits in Telugu, she is in-demand for big-budgeted projects with A-lister heroes. This is not appreciated by local artistes."

"Concocted stories of her alleged unprofessionalism are a means to malign her reputation and downscale her popularity within the Telugu film industry," alleges the source.

As far as her rapport with Prabhas goes, the source points out, "Prabhas is comfortable with all his co-stars. Working with Pooja has been a great experience for him. Another project with the two is being planned."



'I feel words get in the way of emotions'

IMAGE: Raj and DK with Vijay Sethupathi. Photograph: Kind courtesy Raj & DK/Instagram

Vijay Sethupathi is happy to have Regina Cassandra play his wife in Raj and DK's untitled Web series.

"Regina, Shahid Kapoor, everyone in the team is wonderful to work with. I am enjoying the experience. We finished an entire schedule of the series. The second schedule is from October 15," Vijay says.

How different is it shooting for a Web series as compared with a feature film?

"No difference at all," comes the prompt response.

"No matter what the size of the screen or the format of presentation, I give all of myself to every shot. Even if I know people will be watching my performance on their phones, I still give a hundred percent to every shot."

When I ask him what it is like to shoot in Hindi, Vijay replies, "This is not my first in Hindi. I've already completed Santosh Sivan's Mumbaikar in Hindi. For me, language is the least relevant part of film-making. I feel words get in the way of emotions."



Kangana's Sita will be different from Kriti's Sita

Photograph: Kind courtesy Kriti Sanon/Instagram

The producers and director of Adipurish, the proposed new-age interpretation of the Ramayan, have employed a research team to ensure that their version of Valmiki's classic doesn't slip up.

A member of the film's cast reveals to Subhash, "Nowadays, you can't be too careful, especially with a film that touches on a religious subject. Public sensitivities are hugely amplified. We have to move very carefully."

While Prabhas's Rama, Kriti Sanon's Sita and Saif Ali Khan's Raavan in Adipurush will be monitored by experts, Kangana Ranaut's Sita -- in the film directed by Alaukik Desai -- will be overseen by the actress herself.

"Her right-wing leanings make her less vulnerable to censure than Kriti's Sita," says a film-maker.



'Adivi Shesh is recovering well'

Photograph: Kind courtesy Adivi Shesh/Instagram

Adivi Shesh, known for his star turn in Telugu films like Kshanam, Godachari and Evaru, was hospitalised for dengue.

Hr is on the way to recovery, but will not be discharged from hospital yet.

"Sesh is recovering well," his mother says. "Platelets are very low but the fever is subsiding."

"He is feeling very weak. But yes, he is on the way to recovery," his mom assures Subhash.

Adivi Shesh has always been health conscious.

In an interview during the lockdown, he had told Subhash, "Guys, stay in, be hygenic and please be vigilant especially about the young and the elderly. Monitor them, but keep your distance. You never know, you could be a carrier and your body is fighting it just fine. Their bodies can't."

"Take this opportunity to do personal things you never would have done. We are all guilty of saying 'If only, I had the time'."

"Oh, and cut the boredom eating. Don't eat because you are bored."

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