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SHOCKING Revelations on Bigg Boss 14

December 01, 2020 10:28 IST
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Monday’s episode turns out to be an emotional one for the housemates in the Bigg Boss house.


The day begins with housemates going about their routine.

While Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik get into an argument while cooking in the kitchen area, Jasmin Bhasin tells Aly Goni that she is hurt by Rubina.

They also talk about Kavita Kaushik's behaviour.

At night, Jasmin and Abhinav try to scare Nikki Tamboli.

The next morning, she complains to Rubina while passing a nasty remark on Abhinav. This irks the Shakti actress and she asks her hubby not to do it again.


Soon Bigg Boss announces a new immunity task where all the contestants have a chance to snatch away Rubina's immunity stone.

Since only four contestants will move forward in the game post the finale week, everyone gets excited.

But to win the stone, contestants will have to reveal their deepest, darkest secret on national television.


The task begins with Rubina as she has the stone.

She reveals that she and Abhinav were to get divorced in November. The reason they decided to enter Bigg Boss was to give their marriage a second chance. She breaks down.

The housemates are surprised and confused by Rubina's revelation.

Kavita, Rahul and Jasmin aren't convinced with her story.

Aly defends the couple saying not everyone prefers talking about their problem in public and therefore they must have decided to put on a happy face.

Eijaz is next to go and he makes a shocking confession that affects everyone in the house.

He reveals that he was molested as a child and only his therapist knows this secret.

Eijaz gets emotional and later Kavita hugs him.

Abhinav reveals that he was in depression after his first film flopped.

Jasmin reveals she once tried to end her life after facing many rejections.

Nikki confesses about getting kidnapped at the age of 19.

Kavita reveals that her math tutor had tried to molest her when she was 11.

Aly and Rahul decide not to participate in the task, but they get emotional hearing the stories.

After hearing everyone's confessions, most housemates feel that Eijaz should have the immunity stone and ultimately, he is declared the winner.

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