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Rediff News  All News  » Movies » 'Ashutosh, Raja and Rahul are the most cunning in Bigg Boss'

'Ashutosh, Raja and Rahul are the most cunning in Bigg Boss'

October 27, 2008 12:22 IST

Debojit Saha, winner of the musical reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2005, was the latest housemate to be evicted from Bigg Boss house last week.

Far from dejected, Debojit says he is happy that he is out of the game, as it would get even dirtier now. Debojit is certain that he should be the winner of the Bada Dilwala (which will be awarded to the housemate with the 'biggest heart') contest on the reality show. He tells Rajul Hegde why. Excerpts:

Are you happy coming out of Bigg Boss house?

I am very happy to be out of the house, that too so close to Diwali. Living in the house for so long (69 days) itself is a big achievement.

Did you enjoy living in the house?

I had an interesting experience. I lived in the house with people from different backgrounds and mentality and learnt a lot from them. But I didn't know the game would be so dirty. I don't think the people in the house can play a clean game. I didn't play games and didn't behave differently for the camera. I am happy that I was dignified and didn't get into any kind of controversy inside the house. I am sure nobody will point fingers at me.

Why did you join Bigg Boss?

I have a very good reputation and don't need to get into Bigg Boss house for any image change unlike others. Singers like me can host a show, go for playback singing or participate in a reality show. I thought going to Bigg Boss would be like a holiday for me. Also, I wanted to connect with the people. Like they say, out of sight out of mind. Plus a lot of people complained that I have changed after I won Sare Gama Pa. I wanted them to see me on this show and clear the misunderstanding.

Did you get evicted because you are less popular than Raja Chaudhary, Ashutosh Kaushik and other housemates?

What do you think? Honestly if you ask me, I would say that Rahul Mahajan is the only person who can stand against me. If I am evicted by public votes then I want to know how many fans do Raja and Ashustosh have? Do they have more fan following than I have? Do you think public will vote for people like Raja and Ahsuthosh instead of me? I agree, there is public voting but there is some manipulation in the eviction. The channel and the production house take the final decision. I think they keep such people for TRPs. This is fine with me. I wouldn't have said this if it was a musical competition.

Who do you think will win Bada Dilwala contest?

Zulfi Syed and I have a good chance. A person with the big heart is one who does not get involved in politics and diplomacy. I can proudly say that only the two of us have a big heart. I won't feel bad even if I don't win this contest, I am just answering your question.

Who was the most cunning person in the house?

Ashutosh, Raja and Rahul Mahajan are the most clever and cunning people in the house. Raja is irritating and short tempered. At times he instigates people and plays games smartly.

Ashutosh did lot of backbiting and I think he was bought into the show to add masala. Being the winner of the MTV Roadies he knows exactly how to play games. You cannot expect anything more from him.

Rahul is very far-sighted. He has come with full preparation unlike me. I have not watched Bigg Boss 1. I had no clue about this show. He started building good relations with everyone. Now, he has become a big source of entertainment on the show. His mind is very sharp and whatever he does, he does with a hidden agenda.

You seemed to have enjoyed Diana Hayden's company?

Yes. We shared a good rapport and became good friends. She is intelligent, straight forward and doesn't indulge in backbiting like the others.

Will you be in touch with the housemates?

Yes. I went out for dinner with Sambhavna Seth and Ahsaan Qureshiji after I came out of the house. I called others also. But I would not like to keep in touch with Raja and Ashutosh because I used to get negative vibes from them. Also I don't like people who don't respect others.

According to you who will win Bigg Boss?

It is very difficult to tell at this point. If it is decided on who is the most honest and dignified then Zulfi or Diana might win. In the beginning even Zulfi used to play games. If the winner is to be chosen on the basis entertainment then Rahul might win.

Why Rahul?

I have heard and read lot of things after coming out of the house and obviously I don't want to talk about it now.

What did you miss in the house?

I missed music, my family and also Durga Puja and Navratri festivals. I am blank right now as far as music is concerned. I am forgetting songs and lyrics because I haven't heard songs for a long time.

What next?

I am trying to get in touch with everyone. Next week I will be shooting for Bigg Boss Special. I won't be able to meet my pregnant wife who is in Assam due to some prior commitments. I hope the visibility on this show will help me to get more work.