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This article was first published 9 years ago  » Movies » Review: Riyasat is a pitiful tribute to Rajesh Khanna

Review: Riyasat is a pitiful tribute to Rajesh Khanna

By Patcy N/
Last updated on: July 18, 2014 16:18 IST
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Rajesh Khanna in RiyasatWhy would anyone make a film like Riyasat with a superstar like Rajesh Khanna, asks Patcy N.

Rajesh Khanna, often called Bollywood's first superstar, gave us such brilliant cinema in his living years.

It's really sad that his last film -- which was suitably released on his second death anniversary on July 18 -- is so pitiful.

Watching Riyasat made me wonder if Rajesh Khanna was completely broke in his last days.

Or did he miss arclights so desperately that anything went?

In the film, the aging actor looks sick, and has difficulty in delivering the few lines given to him. 

Riyasat was obviously completed after the actor's death because there are many repetitive shots of Rajesh Khanna, several shots with a body double, and several shots where his dialogues have been dubbed by someone else.

What exactly made producer Vijay Sirohi and director Ashok Tyagi make such a film with Rajesh Khanna? It's obviously not going to make money because the theatre I visited was running almost empty.

Why would anyone make such a film like Riyasat with a superstar like Rajesh Khanna?

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Patcy N/ in Mumbai