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This article was first published 10 years ago  » Movies » Review: Hawaa Hawaai music is average

Review: Hawaa Hawaai music is average

By Joginder Tuteja
April 27, 2014 16:00 IST
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Hawaa Hawaai posterHawaa Hawaai has an ordinary soundtrack that could have been better if the music was more energetic, writes Joginder Tuteja.

A sports film should have energetic and uplifting music. The music of Hawaa Hawaai -- composed by Hitesh Sonik with lyrics by Amol Gupte -- has neither.

The album starts with a sad number called Choolhe Ke Angaarey. Though it tries to be motivating, the style of composition and the way it is sung (by Gupte himself) is too sombre and one can’t wait for the 200 seconds number to end.

Hitesh Sonik’s wife Sunidhi Chauhan sings the next track, Ghoom Gayi. She does so with spunk despite the low energy composition and arrangement. Sonik has looked to R D Burman from the 1970s for inspiration, but Ghoom Gayi makes for averagely good listening.

Sar Utha Ke is sung in his distinct style by Javed Ali, who has made a place for himself in the industry.

This is the best song of the album so far. It has an inspiring theme and makes an impact. It should do well in the film’s narrative.

Hitesh Sonik sings the title song Hawaa Hawaai together with newcomer Swaroop Khan (Indian Idol contestant). The song lags behind in one key department -- energy!

One wonders why the makers of the film did not by now latch on to this deficiency in the album and try to fix it.

The last track Sapnon Ko Ginte Ginte is also sung by Hitesh Sonik. He gives a heartfelt rendition with just the guitar as accompaniment and the occasional sound of a whistle.

He makes Sapnon Ko Ginte Ginte stand out.

Overall, Hawaa Hawaai has an ordinary soundtrack that could have been better if the music was more energetic.

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Joginder Tuteja in Mumbai