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Nicolas Cage to star in Bollywood blockbuster?

August 31, 2010 17:30 IST

Oscar-winner Nicolas Cage is set to star in a new Bollywood gangster movie, according to reports.

According to sources, the actor will headline Broken Horses, directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra and a remake of Chopra's 1989 movie Parinda.

'Vidhu is currently in Los Angeles, working on for Broken Horses. Cage has been confirmed for one of the leading roles just a few days ago,' the Daily Express quoted a source as saying.

The actor won't need to pick up any new languages for the role -- or even travel very far -- Chopra recently revealed his latest project will be shot in the US and in English.

He said: 'In September, I will start shooting Broken Horses in the U.S. It will be an English film and will be for the world audience. I have done Hindi films, now I am doing English and after this I may do a Hindi film again.'

Source: ANI