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'I'm not comfortable doing hot scenes'

June 30, 2005 14:58 IST

Neha DhupiaNeha Dhupia is one hot actress who is super cool. And on Rediff Chat, she handled all the adulation the fans showered on her with humour and aplomb.

She spoke candidly about her upcoming films, being perceived as a sex symbol, how she is uncomfortable with it and how she wants a change in image.

Read on: this is Neha unplugged, exclusively for readers:

Neha Dhupia : Hello, This is Neha Dhupia here.

rani : Hi Neha, what films are u doing now
Neha Dhupia : My next release is a film called 'Siskiyaan' and I am working on two comedies called 'Ek Chaalis ki last local' and another untitled film from Priyadarshan.

vinodkarkera : hi neha which is u r dream role
Neha Dhupia : Well I do have a long way to go, but as far as my dream role is concerned I would love to do a period film and go back into a different era. I guess its the inclination towards Bollywood and also being a history student.

Ankit : Hi Neha, I have heard rumors that you will be coming to the U.S. Soon. Is this true? If so, is there a way to have you come speak at U.C. Berkeley about life in Bollywood to a group of students?
Neha Dhupia : Well I was in the US last winter but ever since then haven't had the time or should I say opportunity to go back, but will keep you posted whenever I do.

rani : Who's your fave costar?
Neha Dhupia : Each one that I have worked with and all the ones that I will have an opportunity to work with.In short I love my work.

leon : i don't get to see much indian movies here, but whateva i gotta see of u on the web, pretty cool!!!
Neha Dhupia : Thank you Leon..!!

Ankit : Neha - I am a Film Studies Student. Im coming to bombay in December. I have always wanted to go to the shooting of a movie inside Film City. I was wondering if you could tell me what the best way to do this is.
Neha Dhupia : The best way to do so is to get to Bombay and get in touch with us.

dIaH : watz ur secret of being beautiful?! juz wanna share hOw u get sO sO gergeOus...
Neha Dhupia : Thank you very much for the compliment.

vinodkarkera : can u give u r email id i am a movei critic i liked u r work n jullei i want give something specail about u to my reader is there any hw do feel acting as jullei
Neha Dhupia : It was a great experience working in the film. Enjoyed every bit of it.

Ankit : Who do you mean by "us"? DO you mean managers to stars like you or who?
Neha Dhupia : By getting in touch with "us" I mean my manager, my friends and everyone in Rediff chat...hahahaha..:))

leon : which movie of yours u like the most, maybe i can order from india and watch it here in taiwan
Neha Dhupia : Qayamat, Kya Kool Hai Hum, Julie, Siskiyaan and many more which are yet to come.

Neha Dhupiadjshadow : Hey Neha, how KOOL r u in real life?
Neha Dhupia : Thats for me to know, and you to tell me.

sharma : Neha, What would you be 10 years from now..?? a home maker, an industrialist or a restaurant owner..??
Neha Dhupia : 10 years from now, I would definitely be a home maker and also explore all the other professional options that life offers to me.

nehakadeewana : hi neha...when do we get to see you in a serious movie like say parineeta
Neha Dhupia : My next film is called 'Siskiyaan' which is a serious psychological thriller and thats something you should look forward to.

shareef : so do u want to change ur image as from sex bomb
Neha Dhupia : Yes, of course. Just need to move to the cooler side.

pradeep : I can see u hav all the assets of being a superstar...whats ur say NEHA ?
Neha Dhupia : Thank you very much. Feels great to have well-wishers like you around.

Babu : Hey Neha, whats ur Date of Birth?? Have you found ur Mr. Right?
Neha Dhupia : 27th August. There is nothing like Mr. Right.

narain : Hi Neha, when u had visited Faridabad, I was there. When r ur next visit to Faridabad?
Neha Dhupia : Dont know about Faridabad, but I will be coming to Delhi shortly.

Sumit : Hi neha I like u alot. Right now I am living in Hyderabad which is your native place also. I am working in a software co. So just tell me when you are planning to get married.
Neha Dhupia : Well my native place is not Hyderabad. And I am getting married in a couple of years, can't put a digit to the couple though.

Narayan : What do you think is your sex-appeal, Neha? (I guess it is your eyes)
Neha Dhupia : Well you said it and I would take that as a compliment.

FarhanaS : Hi..How do u feel bout being Miss India?
Neha Dhupia : Its a great feeling and a little difficult to describe in words.

Tatha : What is your nightmare
Neha Dhupia : Dogs.

eyecandy : Are you comfortable doing hot scenes in front of the entire crew? Better if you can explain your yes or No.
Neha Dhupia : No, I am not comfortable anymore and thats why I am breaking away from it.

rishikesh : Hi i think u r busy right now
Neha Dhupia : Not at all. My time is all yours. Talk to me.

Neha Dhupiadilip : What is/was the best thing that happened in your life?
Neha Dhupia : There is a lot I need to thank God for, everyday. But I think I am blessed because I have a very loving, understanding and supporting family.

kevin : so u enjoyin the kind of rolls u doin
Neha Dhupia : Yes very much and it gets better each day.

Neha Dhupia : I have been to Burj-Al-Arab. And I visit Dubai quite often, I really like the place.

Venkat Kiran : Hi Neha, You look great ... Can i know where you are from ???
Neha Dhupia : I am from Delhi and life brings me to Bombay because I work here.

punk : hello neha i heard you are debuting in lollywood with an item number? how did it happen?
Neha Dhupia : Yes I am. Its a situation song I am doing and I am looking forward to it.

Rm_is_Back : Neha, what is the life beyond movies for you?
Neha Dhupia : Life beyond movies is a lot to me. My family, my friends, fitness, my music, books -- just a combination of things I am very passionate about.

leon : i remember i watched one car show on TV, u still scared of driving?
Neha Dhupia : No I am not scared of driving. But yes, the traffic conditions in our country keep me away from the wheel.

Ash : What is more important in industry to survive. Glamour or talent?
Neha Dhupia : It has to be a combination of both. Glamour with talent or talent with glamour will leave you spiceless.

gaggu : nehe tell me only one thing.. have u ever faced the problem of casting couches ?
Neha Dhupia : I have never faced this problem. Its got a very simple solution -- that nothing can really happen to you if you don't let it.

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Photographs: Jewella C Miranda