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'Love Keeps Evolving But That Simplicity Has Gone'

June 20, 2024 11:44 IST
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'Love in today's time is very fast paced, whereas I seek calmness in love.'

Photograph: Kind courtesy Jibraan Khan/Instagram

Once the cherubic face who charmed audiences as Krish, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol's son in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Jibraan Khan is now set to step into the spotlight once more, this time as the leading man in the rom-com Ishq Vishk Rebound.

His journey from child artist to adult actor has not been easy. It's filled with hundreds of auditions and multiple rejections.

"My struggle has taught me a lot of things but I am happy with what is happening today and whatever is going to happen ahead in my life," Jibraan tells Contributor Mohnish Singh.

The trailer and songs of your debut film as an adult have been generating buzz, especially among youngsters. How does it make you feel?

It's a feeling that I cannot describe in words.

I waited for years to bag a film of this scale to make my debut with.

We are so blessed to be working with a production house like Tips Films, with our producers Ramesh Taurani and Jaya Taurani. Our director (Nipun Dharmadhikari) is fantastic.

The icing on the cake is this kind of reaction that we are getting for the film's music.

When I wake up in the morning and see this love coming my way, it overwhelms me.

It also motivates me to work even harder in future.

I hope we get the same amount of love when our film releases in cinemas on June 21.

What are your memories of the original Ishq Vishk?

I was eight when the film released.

I clearly remember that I, along with my sister and her friends, went to Chandan cinema in Juhu (north west Mumbai) to watch the film.

When I came out of the theatre, I was singing the title track, Ishq Vishk.

The entire cast of the film was fresh and so was its album. I would say Ishq Vishk was a breath of fresh air at that time.

The makers and Rochak (Kohli, music director) have tried to come up with a fantastic soundtrack this time around as well.


IMAGE: Naila Grrewal, Rohit Saraf, Pashmina Roshan and Jibraan Khan in Jaipur for the promotions of Ishq Vishk Rebound. Photograph: Kind courtesy Jibraan Khan/Instagram

How is Ishq Vishk Rebound similar to Ishq Vishk?

There is nothing common between the two films story-wise.

Our story is new, our characters are new.

The only common thing, I would say, is that Ishq Vishk had a fresh cast and incredible music. Our film also has a fresh cast and great music.

Another similarity would be the confusion around love. See, love is the same but its meaning has changed over the years and that we have tried to show in this film as well.

Additionally, you will see emphasis on friendship and the importance of family.

How challenging has your journey been from child actor to leading a big banner like this?

The answer to this question is long but I would say that it has been very, very tough.

Every actor's journey is different and difficult. I cannot say that it's easy for some actors and difficult for others.

But when I talk to you, the press, go out for promotions, see my face on hoardings and amid all of this, someone walking up to me and asking for a selfie, all those memories of my struggles evaporate.

The journey was difficult, of course, but when I see the present, it's worth it.

My struggle has taught me a lot of things but I am happy with what is happening today and whatever is going to happen ahead in my life.

IMAGE: Jibraan Khan with Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham.

Was it the first film you auditioned for as an adult actor?

No, no, not at all.

I have auditioned a lot in my life like any other actor and have been rejected.

I have said no to scripts as well.

This was one film where I felt when I left the audition room only that yeh mil jaye to mazaa aa jaye because the title has a great recall value.

Additionally, our producers are very prominent. They make hit films and always deliver good music.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Jibraan Khan/Instagram

How do you see love?

Love is all about simplicity.

When I reach home, I want peace, happiness, and, of course, a lot of fun.

I fear unnecessary, irrelevant questioning which maybe stems from insecurity.

I believe that love in today's time is very fast paced, whereas I seek calmness in love.

I am a little old school type, so I believe in simplicity and calmness in love.

Do you think social media has complicated love?

Yes, but it is a tool that you can use the right way also.

See, love has been different in every generation. It was different when our parents were young. Love was then about a phone call, a trunk call.

Then it came to e-mails.

Now, it's about right and left swipes.

Love keeps evolving, but that simplicity has gone somewhere.

IMAGE: Rohit Saraf, Naila Grrewal, Pashmina Roshan and Jibraan Khan. Photograph: Kind courtesy Jibraan Khan/Instagram

Did the fact that it's not a solo-hero film and that you are sharing screen space with three other actors bother you?

All of us read the script before signing the contract, so we knew who was doing what in the film.

It's a film about four young people.

At the end of the day, what truly matters is that what your story is trying to say.

It's extremely hard to bring audiences to theatres in the age of OTT. Does that scare you as a newcomer?

See, no actor or producer is trying to make a bad product.

We put our hearts and souls into making a film thinking the audience is going to love it.

Come June 21 and the fate of our film would be in audiences' hands.

I don't know how they are going to react. I can just pray that they love it.

Everyone comes with that belief that, you know, it will be accepted.

Yes, I am nervous (laughs). But I also strongly believe that we have made something solid.

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