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Irrfan gets ready for Inferno, with Tom Hanks

May 26, 2015 10:04 IST

Irrfan KhanIrrfan Khan is in the midst of another super-hectic year. His film Piku released recently, and the actor is about to start work on his next project, Forrest Gump director Ron Howard’s adaptation of Dan Brown’s bestseller Inferno.

Irrfan was in Budapest to become familiar with the cast and crew of the film.

"Ron Howard and my co-actors Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones were there. It was meant to be an occasion for the whole team to get familiar with one another," Irrfan explains.

The actor is not certain about the length of his role in Inferno. "I’ve read the book, so I know my character. How much of it will remain in the film, I don’t know," he adds.

The actor refuses to get bogged down by issues of his character’s nationality in the film. "I am yet to figure out where my character belongs. It’s not important to me. How does it matter where my character comes from? Do you know where Batman or Spiderman belongs?” he asks.

This kind of preparation Irrfan encounters abroad has seeped into Hindi cinema as well. “It depends on the subject. Some films need this sort prior preparation. Other films need a more spontaneous approach," he says.

Irrfan has wrapped up work in another Hollywood project Jurassic World, the latest installment in the Jurassic Park series.

He will take time off from his hectic schedule in India to attend the premiere in Paris or Los Angeles. "I will attend one of the two premieres since I don’t have time for both," he explains.

Film projects take Irrfan to every part of the world, and he still considers himself a hungry actor. “I grab every challenging role hungrily and try to give it my best shot.”

Speaking about has busy schedule, Irrfan says, “Nowadays the amount of time taken to promote a film takes up a very large chunk of my time. It is a challenge to be going through the exercise repeatedly.”

Irrfan is keen to do a film for kids. "We are not really making the kind of films that we should be for children. The Hollywood films that they see have a kind of ferociousness about them. Our strength as a nation is completely different. We need to focus on children," he says.

Subhash K Jha