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Bigg Boss drama: Sonali flings water at Karishma

October 14, 2014 18:35 IST

There will be drama as usual on Bigg Boss tonight.

Sonali Raut plots revenge against Karishma Tanna, and gets it.

Sonali Raut throws water on Karishma Tanna


During a task called Superheroes vs Supervillains, Sonali throws a glass of water on Karishma's face and all the latter can do about it is smile.

For those who missed the drama in the previous episodes, Karishma had flung water on Sonali during a previous task, where Sonali had to dress up like a bride and Karishma -- a member of the opposite team -- had to stop her at all costs.

Sonali could not react to Karishma's treatment at the time but luckily, her team had won the task.

Karishma Tanna


In tonight's episode, Karishma is clearly offended by Sonali's actions. Will she bide her time and take her revenge? Time will tell.

Until then, watch how the drama unfolds on Bigg Boss tonight.