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Bigg Boss 14: Why is Rubina FURIOUS?

November 06, 2020 12:24 IST
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While Rubina Dilaik is safe from the nominations this week, Rahul Vaidya, Shardul Pandit and Naina Singh are in the danger zone.

Thursday's episode resumes with the captaincy task.

After Abhinav Shukla gets out of the race, the fight is between Jasmin Bhasin and Pavitra Punia.

But before they battle it out, Abhinav talks to them and asks why Pavitra pushed him when they had all decided to not push anyone.

Pavitra and Jasmin tell Abhinav that he misunderstood their conversation and assured him that he wasn't betrayed.

Jasmin tries to convince to Pavitra to let her become the captain this time as she wants to stay close to Aly Goni in the house.

But Ms Punia also wants to be the captain, as she wants revenge from Eijaz Khan.

The last round of the task starts and Jasmin wins. She becomes the new captain.


Rubina, meanwhile, is furious with her husband Abhinav and asks him why Pavitra pushed him and not Jasmin during the task.

Rubina says she wants to talk to Jasmin as well regarding the task.

Before Rubina says anything, Jasmin tells her to not take Pavitra'S name if the swapping task happens again, as she promised to keep her in the Green Zone.

Rubina asks her about the task and Jasmin claims that Abhinav misunderstood their conversation.

Rubina is still angry but Jasmin walks away and tells Abhinav to make her understand.


Pavitra and Aly talk over the phone about Shardul Pandit.

Jasmin doesn't like it and intervenes, which infuriates Pavitra. They get into a war of words and eventually, Pavitra walks away.

Aly tells Jasmin that she shouldn’t have intervened and asks her to not repeat the mistake as it could ruin her game.

In the afternoon, Bigg Boss announces that it's time for the Red Zone contestants to save themselves from nominations.

But there's a new twist.

Since Jasmin is the captain, she has to pick one person she doesn't want back in the Green Zone. She chooses Rahul.

Bigg Boss asks the other Red Zone contestants to choose their representatives from the Green Zone as they would participate in the task and win immunity for them.

Rubina picks Abhinav, Shardul goes to Pavitra and Naina Singh asks Nikki to play on her behalf.

When the buzzer rings, the three representatives have to hold a triangle shaped log for as long as possible.

The last standing person holding the triangle will be the winner.

The three put up a good fight.

Eijaz Khan feels the housemates have made the task boring as they aren't fighting or entertaining. He tries to provoke them, but fails.

Ultimately, Nikki is the first one to leave the triangle and is out.

Pavitra and Abhinav battle it out but eventually, the latter wins.

Bigg Boss announces that Rubina can join the Green Zone and is safe from the nominations this week.

She tells Abhinav it is the best Karwa Chauth gift.

At night, the husband-wife duo celebrate Karwa Chauth and Rubina breaks her fast.

A little later, Eijaz sits in the garden area and has a chat with Shardul.

He talks about Jasmin being a careless captain and how he is hurt by the fact that some people call him a psycho in the house.

He breaks down and Shardul consoles him.

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