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Bigg Boss 12: 'Every relationship isn't romantic'

By Rajul Hegde
December 24, 2018 14:38 IST
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'I have never given an interview in my life and all of a sudden, I am giving so many!'
'So yes, I am getting the feel of a celebrity.'
'It's a life-changing moment for me and I love it.'

Just a week before the grand finale, Somi Khan has been evicted from Bigg Boss 12.

The lady from Jaipur quit a job at a five-star hotel to participate in the reality show along with her sister Saba.

The Khan sisters started out on an explosive note, wearing their daring attitudes on their sleeves.

After Saba was eliminated, Somi mellowed down and changed her game plan.

Everyone loved her cooking, and she was a part of the Happy Club along with Romil Chaudhary, Surbhi Rana and Deepak Thakur. It was thanks to her friendship with these contestants that Somi was saved from nominations a few times.

Somi dissects her relationships with the housemates and tells Contributor Rajul Hegde, "Deepak's feelings (for me) were genuine."

So close, and yet, you didn't reach the finale.

Yes, there's a lot of regret.

At the same time, I am glad I reached till here because the celebrities already have a huge fan following while I had to create my identity and survive in the house.

That is a big achievement for me, and I am very proud of myself.

At this stage in Bigg Boss, it would be difficult to predict the winner because all the contestants are strong.

You formed a close bond with Romil.

From the time he sacrificed the opportunity of seeing his family's video for me, I formed a special bond with him.

It's not necessary that every relationship has to be romantic.

We had our share of fights, but we always supported each other.

My sister suggested that some people outside felt that a guy and girl cannot be friends, and a tag is a must for relationships.

But it isn't essential for us to answer them.


IMAGE: Somi with Romil on Bigg Boss 12.

Did things change after Romil's wife questioned your friendship when she entered the house?

Romil's wife did raise a question. I respect her and her aim was not to upset me; she wanted to be clear.

I did clarify after she left.

I went to the camera and said Romil and I were just good friends.

Everyone felt you were the weakest contestant and that you got saved from nominations only because of Romil and the Happy Club.

There is no truth in this.

I have also supported the Happy Club.

Viewers voted for me because of my hard work and passion towards the show and the tasks.

Romil gave himself priority, as did I.

I have always told everyone to be practical and play for themselves.

All of us in the Happy Club helped each other move ahead in the show.

Do you think Deepak Thakur's one-sided love for you was real?

I think Deepak's feelings were genuine.

I don't think he just said it for the cameras or to grab attention and survive in the game.

When I told him he was nothing more than a friend to me, he understood and never crossed the line.

Initially, he was irritating. but gradually, I understood him.

He is a fun person and I respect him a lot.

He has played the game with honesty.

I think he will take the trophy home.

IMAGE: The Khan sisters: Somi and Saba.

You had a fight with Shivashish and Jasleen Matharu.

Shivashish would brag about his wealth and background, which show his small mentality.

I didn't allow that to affect our friendship, but at one point, I had a huge fight with him.

Jasleen was very focused, but towards the end, she would unnecessarily react to petty things, just to be seen on camera.

How would you sum up your journey on the show?

I have learnt so much! It's been an amazing experience.

I feel blessed to have got an opportunity to be on such a big reality show.

I have never given an interview in my life and all of a sudden, I am giving so many!

So yes, I am getting the feel of a celebrity (laughs).

It's a life-changing moment for me and I love it.

What was your best moment in the house?

I am huge Salman Khan fan. In fact, my entire family is.

Standing next to him and talking to him during the introductory episode was the best moment of my life.

On Weekend Ka Vaar, I would just observe him and get tongue-tied.

The time I spent with the Happy Club was also memorable.

What next?

Like my sister, I am also looking forward to some good projects on television.

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