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Bigg Boss 10: Swami, keep your 'parampara' in your pocket

By Tista Sengupta
November 17, 2016 15:38 IST
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How dare Swami Om talk about Indian culture when he doesn't know how to talk to women or about them, asks Tista Sengupta.

Wednesday night's episode starts with Bigg Boss calling Manveer to the confession room.

Although he wasn't keen, Mona and Bani ask him to go.

Bigg Boss explains that one is solely responsible for her/his self-respect, and Manveer tells Bigg Boss that he doesn't want things to get worse in the house.

Bigg Boss convinces Manveer to stay back in the house.

Meanwhile, the second competition in the 'Lock Down' task begins. Lopa from Team Rohan and Gaurav from Team Mona volunteer for it.

They have to finish a jar of bitter gourd juice.

Team Rohan wins.

IMAGE: Manveer and Mona in Bigg Boss 10.

Soon, the contestants try to catch up on some sleep... but can't, thanks to Swami Om's loud snores.

Bani gets irritated and punishes him to sleep with his team, Mona and Co.

Rohan and Lopa can't stop laughing, and neither could I.

What an innovative and revengeful punishment, Bani!

Gaurav seems unhappy with the punishment. When he questions it, Bani tells him she can do whatever she likes since she's the captain.

Gaurav, you deserved it! Looks like you can't survive alone either, just like Manu.

VIDEO: Watch the Bigg Boss 10 drama unfold.


The next morning, while 11 contestants wait for Bigg Boss to give them back their essentials, Swami Om can't stop talking about Mona.

He keeps blabbering about his dearest 'beti' to Rohan's mostly celebrity team.

This time, he speaks about how Mona slept next to Manu while Nitibha -- who he feels is a girl of good character -- tucked herself away in one corner.

Basically, he called Mona characterless once again.

I don't understand how much attention one person can crave for!

Does Swami Om think that by speaking ill of others, he will be in the limelight?

The day he's out of Bigg Boss, women will be waiting to give him more than a bit of stick.

I agree with Lopa who told Swami Om that girls in the Bigg Boss house are adults and can decide what they want to show the audience on national television.

Swami, keep your 'parampara' in your pocket.

How dare he talk about Indian culture when he doesn't know how to talk to women or about them?

Swami, you are lucky I am not in the house...

IMAGE: Nitibha, Manu and Manveer in Bigg Boss 10.

After Bigg Boss announces the winner of the 'Lock Down' task and congratulates Rohan's team, Bani, Rahul, Rohan and Karan get into a fun mood and tease Gaurav.

They joke about him following Mona and checking her out every morning when she jiggles to the music. Ahem, Ahem!

Innnttteresting, Gaurav. First Bani, now Mona?

Bigg Boss asks the contestants to vote for the worst performers in the task. Swami, no surprises there, and Nitibha are nominated.

We also get to see Lokesh turn red with anger.

When Rahul asks her why she wanted to nominate Gaurav, she tries to explain.

Everyone tries to intervene while she speaks, and a frustrated Lokesh yells, "Shut up everyone!"

And suddenly, everyone goes quiet.

You killed it, babe!

Each time she wants to get her point across, the other folks don't think it's important. Just because she's the youngest and cutest in the house?

Not done guys!

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