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'I'm not getting married'

November 23, 2006 16:45 IST
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When Amrita Rao came for a Rediff Chat on November 22, many of the readers had a similar worry -- that she would plan her own vivah, and quit the movies.

The actress has a strong fan base, who just don't want her quitting just yet.

Amrita talked about herself, her favourite actors, one of them being Aamir Khan -- surprisingly, not her Main Hoon Naa costar Shah Rukh Khan -- and much more.

For those who missed the chat, here's the transcript.

Amrita Rao says, Hi, you are with me Amrita Rao. Let's rock.

gokul asked, Hi Amrita. Personally, I didn't like you much before VIVAH. But when I saw VIVAH, I was spellbound. It was a fantastic performance for sure. The penultimate reels were amazingly acted, narrated and executed. I fell in love with your characterization..! You reminded me of the innocence what Jaya Bhaduri in her hay days used to have. Overall, brilliant performance in a brilliant movie. Cheers..!
Amrita Rao answers, Hey Gokul, so good to know that you changed your opinion about me after Vivah. Guess thats what Soorajji does to all his heroines. Love always.

Muneeb asked, Hi, Amrita.Congratulations for your brilliant performance in VIVAH and also for the success of the movie. Can you tell me that who has been your all time favourite film star and secondly what are your forthcoming films?
Amrita Rao answers, Aamir Khan. Forthcoming movies are yet in meeting stages.

Amrita Rao answers, Hi Prachi, Thank you so much. Hope we do good movies in future and keep up to your expectations. Love.

Amrita Raobhavika asked, u look very smart in vivah, i like your dressup in vivah, keep it up, pl don't spoil your indian girl image
Amrita Rao answers, Promise you will never spoil the good Indian girl image. Thanks.

pradeep asked, Hi Amrita, Congrats for ur hit film.I think U r south indian.Do U have plans to work in Tollywood/
Amrita Rao answers, Hi Pradeep, Yes I am a South Indian from South Karnataka. Would love to do Tamil films one day.

subhachintak asked, Hi amrita,i'm from newyork..i love all ur movies...i watched all ur movies except vivah....but sounds like it's really good reading all comments with Shahid..i'm sure gonna cath it brother has hugest crush on u..u should c his's all covered with ur pictures everywhere..i'm sure he'll love to hear something from u..n another Q who's ur fav actor.??from hindi movie n english?thatnks n best of luck for ur forthcoming ya
Amrita Rao answers, Hi, great to hear from you. A big hello to your brother. My favourite actor is Aamir Khan and Govinda. Lots of Love.

rajesh asked, what was your family's reaction when u expressed your desire to act in movies?
Amrita Rao answers, Rajesh, my family supported me and thats why I am here today. Love.

Mod asked, Mod: Have you ever visted a very popular website of yours called 'Amrita Rao Online'? It has amazing pictures and media related to you. Plus there is an awesome discussion forum where most of your fans across the globe communicate with each other in praise of your excellence and talent. =)
Amrita Rao answers, Hi, thanks so much. Will sure and try and catch that website. Thanks for letting me know.

esha asked, heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy amrita dont u think vivah is like old drama........y dont u go for roles with some diffrence y always..pretty girl
Amrita Rao answers, Hey go see Main Hoon Na. you might just see a rebellious me. Love AR

Shiva asked, Hi Amrita..u really looked gorgeous in Vivah and after watchin the movie we all felt of going to madhupur(village name) and get a girl from there :p...Frankly u gave subtle performance that is much needed for this movie
Amrita Rao answers, Hey Shiva, thank you so much. I pray you get that girl from Madhupur very soon. Love AR

Dannycool asked, Hey Amrita, Danny here...Just love the simplicity in your looks and smile....hardly a few actress has that very innocent looks and god has blessed you with it...quite happy to see u perform extremely good in Vivah...Keep it up...U Do have a long way to go...
Amrita Rao answers, Hey Danny, thank you so much. You have made me so happy. Love AR

purva asked, what are your nrxt movie to be come this year
Amrita Rao answers, When I sign one I will let you know. Thank you Purva. Love AR

Uma asked, what is ur mother tongue
Amrita Rao answers, Konkani. Love A Rao

hi i am naddem asked, if u r really intrested in my shayaries Amritha n how did u feel my shayaries mail me on ( or ( or ( i am frm Bangalore... bye take care........ best of luck 4 ur future
Amrita Rao answers, Hi Naddem, that was so cute. Thank you so much for that shayaris. Love A Rao

mahesh Pandit asked, I am Mahesh Pandit. You know what is i am?
Amrita Rao answers, Yes of course I know you. Are you from Solapur? Love A Rao

Faizu asked, Hi Amrita...Had seen ISHQ VISHK 8 times just for ur sake...Must tell u that ever since that movie i felt u deserved much more...Poonam of Vivah is the ultimate fiancee anyone wud ask for...Me too...
Amrita Rao answers, Hi Faizu, how nice of you to say that. I am so happy. Thank you so much. Love A Rao

rani asked, amrita didi you are so pritty and noughty,i like your face,smile,hair and most imp. i like your dance
Amrita Rao answers, Hi Rani, thank you so much for making me so pretty. And do dance more on Chale Jaise. Love A Rao

dimpy asked, Do you belive in Love marrige or Arrange marrige? Would you mind to tell me when is your Birth Day? Who is your Favorit Actor & Actress? Do you like Poonam by nature or different?
Amrita Rao answers, Hi Dimpy, Its most important to know the person very well before you marry him. It doesnt matter whether its love or arranged. Love A Rao

o asked, plz add some pounds........ u look georgeous.
Amrita Rao answers, Hey with all the pounds of compliments I am sure I am going to go back home healthy girl. Love A Rao

bab asked, What a star....late to even chat...
Amrita Rao answers, Hi Bab, really apologise. We had a technical error and had to change the venue before we started. Love A Rao

bob asked, mansoorali, whats her mail id?
Amrita Rao answers, Hi Bob, this is my website, do visit. Love A Rao

Randy asked, Hi Amrita, I was wondering if you like to work with Salman Khan and Aamir Khan in a film?
Amrita Rao answers, Hi Randy, both Aamir and Salman are my favourite and I can watch Andaz Apna Apna 100 times. Would love to work with them.

ashique asked, Hi, Amrita... how was the experiences working with such a big banner
Amrita Rao answers, Hi Ashique, couldnt be better, very fortunate. Love A Rao

Krishna asked, Hi Amrita! I was wondering if you had one chance to do a remake, which film will it be and why?
Amrita Rao answers, Hi Krishna, maybe 'Sound of Music' because I grew up watching it.

alok_1978 asked, Hi Amrita, What is the secret of yours beauty? U looked very glamorous in Main hoon Na! Still I did not see VIVAH I would like to see it because U are there
Amrita Rao answers, Hey Alok, what are you doing? Go watch Vivah now!! Love A Rao

gauthamkumarks asked, Why did you choose to act in VIVAAH?
Amrita Rao answers, Hi Gautham, Vivah is a film which doesnt come your way every day. Guess I had to be greatful and accept it. Love A Rao

cool_dude asked, She has millions of fans....she cant reply to everyone
Amrita Rao answers, Hey dude, but I have replied to yours. Love A Rao

Madhav asked, hey amrit.. i guees i m ur biggest fan.....!! i hav ur all d snaps of ur frm birth to now...:)
Amrita Rao answers, Hi Madhav, interesting. Would love to see the pictures. Thanks for calling yourself my biggest fan. Love A Rao

navred asked, Hi Amrita, I feel u r the only actress who can fill in the gap created by Madhuri dixit. And you seem to be making your moves so. I could see madhuri in your performance in vivah. One sincere only movies that showcast yours performance n beauty.
Amrita Rao answers, Hey, that is the biggest compliment. Thank you very much and I hope I live up to your expectations in future. Love A Rao

shetty asked, hi amrita,dont u miss mangalore?
Amrita Rao answers, Hey Shetty, have been born in Mumbai, but yes Mangalore is beautiful.

vaibhaw asked, hi amrita ,vivah mein thodi slim lagi ho.. sehat pe dhyan do.......
Amrita Rao answers, Hi Vaibhav, aap ne kaha to zaroor apni sehat pe dhyan rakhungi. Shukriya. Love A Rao

sagar asked, Hiii amrita...first of all,u are lookin beautiful in Vivah....i wanted to ask u tht y are actress of des days not doing roles like u hav done in Vivah???Do u think that ther are not enough good directors like soooraj ji to make such a film???
Amrita Rao answers, Hi Sagar, Sooraj ji is truly a special director and its amazing the way he shows suttle romance on screen. I am very lucky to have worked with him. Such directors are not born everyday. Love A Rao

thanveer_ah asked, oh amruta i am a great fan of urs. u know, i am searching for a girl who is ur look alike as i am sure i won't b able to marry u. do u know anyone????????
Amrita Rao answers, Hey thanveer, that is so cute. Hope you find that girl very soon. Best wishes. Love A Rao

Mukul asked, Hi Poonam aka Amrita, This is Mukul from Boston, US. I watched your recent movie Vivah. I liked your work in the movie. One more thing, My girl friend name is also Poonam. The only difference is...this time, I am from Mathura and she is from Delhi. All the best !!!
Amrita Rao answers, Hey Mukul, that is the coolest message I have read. I am so happy for you and your Poonam. Radhe..Radhe..!! Love A Rao

Rajanish asked, Hi Amrita is it true that you are quitting movies.
Amrita Rao answers, Hi Rajanish, it was an April Fool's joke and you got fooled.:)) Love A Rao

Sharath asked, Hi Amrita, Well I heard u r getting married.....We haven't seen the real Amrita yet...and u r leaving Bollywood so fast. Now don't say u r going to act after marriage...if u r married...we can't c u in that angle...I mean now u r almost a dream gal sort of an after marriage how can anybody imagine u as a dream gal...I just(2 days back) expressed to one of my friends that I like you in present bollywood actresses. Well I know I can't stop anything....Anyways I can wish u good luck. So, Good luck Amrita....phulo phalo jug jug jeo.....;-) Sharath - 'The hyderabadi'.
Amrita Rao answers, Hi Sharath, I am not getting married. That was an April Fool's joke. Go watch Vivah and thank you so much. Love A Rao

rj asked, you know what sets u apart from u frm the others....its a lot easier to relate to the far as your performing skills go...sutle..ur not loud...ur the common mans girl....but yeah...movies like vivah make no sense...even speilberg makes trash...a piece of advice...the next time round u read a script///think of the common man...if u see him relate to the it....other wise chuck it....even if its a barjatya..mani ratnam...or yeah....a speilberg...on the receiveing end,,,
Amrita Rao answers, hey rj..thank u soooooooooooooooo much. Love A Rao

Atish asked, Hi Amrita. Really looked beautiful in Vivah. got a crush on you...
Amrita Rao answers, Hey Atish, great to know that you have a crush on me. Thank you for writing in. Love A Rao

LegendOfAmritaRao asked, Amrita is one of the most promising newcomers. She's talented and very sweet. I don't think saying there's a possibility she may fill the void left by MAdhuri is a ridiculous remark..It IS possible...Esp. After Vivah.
Amrita Rao answers, Hey, thank you so much for having so much faith in me. Only hope I never let you down. Love A Rao

punam asked, hi real name is vivah ur name is punam...that makes the movie more special to me...u r good...i appreciate ur work...i dont know whether u will read this or not ...if not then these rediff people are making us uloo or reply
Amrita Rao answers, Hey Punam, wish could show you my self right now and know Rediff people are too professional to make uloos, so chill its me Amrita.

Nikhil asked, Hi Amrita,How u doing? This is Nikhil here from city of mumbai...!! Only one thing to tell, u please dont quit bollywood........!! No more words as u r already rocking...keep Smiing...God bless u....!!
Amrita Rao answers, Hey Nikhil, I am not quitting Bollywood and I am not getting married. Its only a rumour. Love A Rao

lovekesh asked, Helo Amrita. Do you marry me.
Amrita Rao answers, Well do I have a choice :)) Love A Rao

mathew asked, hi amrita, ur acting is good and geniune who is ur inspiration
Amrita Rao answers, Hey Mathew, I guess i have been inspired by all the films that I grew up watching.

sumitk asked, i like the tug of war scene in vivaah where amrita u hold shahid and the rest of the guys fell
Amrita Rao answers, Hi Sumit, that was so observant of you. Yes the tug of war sequence was very cute and it was fun shooting for it.

arpitz asked, hi say that u looked just ethereal in vivaah would be an understatement.... and coming to youe performance..i think a biggest complement any actor can get is that after seeing a movie when one feels that the role was writen for u...kudos
Amrita Rao answers, Hey Arpit, that is such a nice compliment. I would say its only Sooraj ji who helped me perform this time. Love A Rao

harish asked, hii amrita, i liked u from the very beginning, u did a great job in bhagat singh, main hoon na, i think u are a terrific actress,
Amrita Rao answers, Hey Harish, havent you seen Vivah as yet and why? Go see it. Love A Rao

sshenoy asked, How do manage so ever smiling face ? Give me some tips to do that
Amrita Rao answers, Hey Shenoy, its comments like these that always bring a smile. So thank you so much. Love A Rao

Loverboy asked, How different was working with Sooraj Barjatya compared to other directors
Amrita Rao answers, Hey Loverboy, it would be unfair to compare my directors. Each of them has been instrumental in getting me where I am. Love A Rao

Hemant asked, When comes your birth day
Amrita Rao answers, in juneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

JadooKeeJhappi asked, मेरी चाहत के इजहार पे मुस्कुराती क्यों हो कुछ तो कहो यूँ चुप रह के सताती क्यों हो
Amrita Rao answers, Yeh Kaunse Gaane ke bol churaye aapne?? :)) Love A Rao

mg asked, i saw yrs movie 12 times
Amrita Rao answers, Hey MG, 12 times!!!!!!!!!! Wowww...thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu, Love A Rao

Andrew asked, I feel Priyanka Chopra, Vidya Balan, Bipasha Basu, and you to be the future of Bollywood, what do you say?
Amrita Rao answers, Hey Andrew, well thank you so much. I hope that is true. Love A Rao

raaj asked, amrita..u have played first time a character of a small town girl in Vivah,how did u manage it
Amrita Rao answers, Hi Raj, I had been to Mathura before I met Sooraj ji so I could more or less relate to where Poonam came from. Love A Rao

keshav asked, hi. vivah addressed a social cause which is relevant today. gud acting amrita.
Amrita Rao answers, Hey Keshav, thank you so much. Yes it did promote a very strong message subtly. Do ask all your friends to watch it. Thank you. Love A Rao

Priti asked, Hi Amrita, I mate u at the set of Pyare Mohan in Borivali, I really wants to talk to u on that time, but I did not get this chance, but I'm rally lucky that I've got chance to talk to u now. How is everything going on?
Amrita Rao answers, Hi Priti, great to know I have met you in Borivali. Atleast I am happy I got to chat with you today. Love A Rao

Maulik asked, AMRITA...This Maulik from UK, I am a researcher in computing mostly dealing with Multimedia productions and distributions. Frist of all congratulations for your success, i liked you personally in ishq vishk and Main hoon na mainly. I want to know as an artist what do you think you want to imporve at?
Amrita Rao answers, Hi Maulik, as an artist the challenge is always to better the previous work and to do something different from the previous work. Hope I achieve that. Love A Rao

Archana asked, Hi Amrita, Vivah movie was so touching...i started crying...its about daughters & i'm right now away(Canada)from my parents & my daughter. U have done a great job in the movie & i told all my friends here to watch the movie. Gud Luck for ur Future projects!!
Amrita Rao answers, Hi Archana, its amazing to know how our work can make someone cry in some corner of the world. Very touched. Love A Rao

FAHEEM~PAKISTAN asked, helloo..... amrita! how r u?..... first of all, i want to congrats U on BRILLIANT success OF VIVAAH. i want to say that i'm just THE CRAZIEST FAN! i WILL do anything to meet u! plz, do come pakistan. i want to meet u. i just want a single autograph of yours. AND ONE MORE THING I'VE WRITTEN SOME POEMS ON YOU. I'LL DEFINATELY SEND IT TO UR HOME ADDRESS OR IN UR FANMAIL ADDRESS. LOVE U SOOOOO MUCH. TAKE GOOD CARE OF UR SELF! BYE.
Amrita Rao answers, Hi Faheem, so happy to know that you call yourself my fan. I really appreciate. Love A Rao

ReaB asked, I think your role as Poonam in Vivah was your best till date! What do you think?
Amrita Rao answers, Hi Rea, Vivah was certainly one of the profound roles offered to me. Hope I did justice to my role. Love A Rao

Amrita Rao says, hey everyone I am so happy I could interact with some of you live on chat!..pathetically sorry I couldnt reply to each & everyone..will have to say bye now!! do watch vivah for me. I'll be very happy. its also on broadband at in touch at Bye.

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