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'I was not there to create a ruckus'

August 04, 2023 13:30 IST
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'When someone is fighting, I can't just go there and meddle.'

Photograph: Kind courtesy Aashika Bhatia/Instagram

During the last weekend on Bigg Boss OTT 2, actress Aashika Bhatia was sent back packing after she failed to get more votes than another nominated contestant Manisha Rani.

While she was leaving the house, Manisha Rani broke down and hugged her tightly. Pooja Bhatt, Bebika Dhurve and Jiya Shankar said Manisha was crying because 'she has lost her pet'.

"You never know what people actually like, but I was somewhere in between and people loved that I was not too fake," Aashika tells Contributor Mohnish Singh.

Now that you are evicted, what headspace are you currently in?

I am in a good headspace, but also a sad headspace. Not that I am out of the house, but because I miss my people inside. When I see them in the house, I am like, 'I should have been there because it's only two weeks before the season ends'.

I am like if I could have stayed a bit more and made some memorable moments there.

I feel once you get out, everyone will get busy in their own lives and we won't be able to get that much amount of free time. So, I miss that.

Who do you miss the most?

It's the three, Manisha Rani, Elvish (Yadav), and Abhishek (Malhan). I miss the stupid talks and all the fun with them.

What were you thinking when you entered the show and how successful has your stint been?

When I entered the show, I was a bit nervous. I never really thought about how people would think of me.

I was all real about what I wanted.

Whatever the situations were and my reactions towards it, was well received by people.

I felt that when I moved out of the house.

You never know what people actually like, but I was somewhere in between and people loved that I was not too fake.


A platform like Bigg Boss is for real people and those who are fake?

I feel one cannot stay fake for a longer time.

They might stay like that for a few days or a few weeks. I don't think one can stay fake for a month.

But there are people who can do that, I don't have any clue about it.

Somewhere down the line, I felt that there were some people who were fake.

After your eviction, Manisha walked up to you and cried. Pooja Bhatt, Bebika Dhurve and Jiya Shankar said Manisha has lost her pet and is crying for attention.

I feel the statement was wrong.

They called me a pet.

A few who passed this comment are themselves a pet of Pooja ma'am and they are saying that to me. I and Manisha don't run behind each other.

We all stay together and we enjoy each other's company. But we are not someone who butters people just for the sake of it, like the one who commented.

She (Bebika) is one of those people who doesn't care. So, I don't mind her statement.

Some housemates commented that you were not active inside the house.

I was not there to create a ruckus; I was there to play.

I was in that reality show and I did what was needed.

Whatever task was appointed to me, I did that with all my heart.

I took a stand when I felt something was going wrong.

When someone is fighting, I cannot just go there and meddle with things that ought not to be meddled in.

But yes, when someone came on to me, I did fight with them.

Many didn't perform in a few months and I did that in a span of two weeks.

What's your best and worst memory of Bigg Boss?

The best memories have been with the group I stayed with, and I don't remember the worst things.

They are not to be remembered. don't keep it in my mind.

Do you have any regrets?

No, I don't have any regrets.

Who do you think is the dumbest player and the cleverest right now?

Avinash and Jiya because I think Avinash is not able to understand the game, and when it comes to Jiya, she remains confused and now she has started faking.

Abhishek is the cleverest because when I observed him, I felt that he is good at performing when it comes to tasks, he always raises his voice against the wrongdoings, even if it's his friends.

He always speaks the truth, I think yeah, he is clever.

What's your take on that episode where Elvish said some mean things about Bebika and even got reprimanded by Salman Khan?

Had I been there, I would have advised him that if someone does the same to me, I would not feel good about it.

But yeah, Elvish has some language issues which cannot be lost.

He really has some anger issues. We made him realise that. But a person really is not thinking right when he or she is angry.

So, I cannot blame him completely.

Salman also pointed out how Manisha was there and she was kind of instigating him. She could have stopped him. What's your take on that?

I don't know. People have seen the clip. Manisha was not silent either and she was like, 'Let's leave this here'. Even Abhishek was like, 'Let's just stop this'.

Jiya was the one who was not commenting at all and I don't know why she was not pointed out because she just stood there like a statue.

She could have reacted or told it then and there.

I don't know why no one is pointing toward Jiya. She was just enjoying the conversation.

What do you think of the following housemates?

Abhishek Malhar: Smart

Elvis Yadav: Funny

Pooja Bhatt: Game's on her mind

Manisha Rani: Cute

Bebika Dhurve: Irritating

Jiya Shankar: Weird

Avinash Sachdev: Silent

You didn't seem to like Pooja Bhatt.

I don't know how she is in real life because I feel she loves to preach. But at times her methods are pretty harsh and not every time it is nice.

Do you think she does so because she is the senior-most in the house?

Yeah, she is elder than everyone else and when someone reaches an age, they feel that I am the eldest of all and I am experienced. So, she does show that.

She feels that she can scold people because they are younger than her and that they should not disrespect her.

But one does not respect because of the age.

One puts a lot of thought into it before they respect you.

I cannot respect a person just because of their age, I can do that after thinking about the person.

So yeah, her attitude seldom works. She just speaks out of turn.

I think the other contestants in the house are more obedient when it comes to listening.

Photograph: Kind courtesy Aashika Bhatia/Instagram

Who are the people you don't want to stay in touch with after the show ends?

 Jiya and Avinash, for sure.

What is your career strategy going to be like ahead?

I will just go with the flow.

I will grab the opportunities that come my way and I give my best and work.

A segment of the audience is not very fond of influencers and YouTubers being a part of the show. What's your take on that?

I don't think so. It's all about the opportunities and if they are getting opportunities, they will do it.

They have been doing YouTube for quite a long time now and they need a different platform too, and I think Bigg Boss is one such platform, which many people are longing to go for.

So, I don't think anyone would let go of this opportunity.

Who do you think is going to hang in there for a longer time?

Abhishek and Elvish.

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