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Rediff News  All News  » Getahead » 28 states: Send us your best recipes

28 states: Send us your best recipes

Last updated on: October 10, 2014 16:34 IST

Photographs: Collection of images/Creative Commons

28 states, countless regions and sub-regions and hundreds of communities and their unique cultures come together to form what we call India.

The diversity of this wondrous nation comes across so beautifully in its varied cuisines.

From the spicy Chettanadu chutneys to the saffron-flavoured Kashmiri curries, the nectar-filled Bengali sweets to the hot Punjabi Sarson-saag, the 'Indian' cuisine offers something for every palette.

Recently listed out 28 must-have dishes from our 28 states.

The list includes Gujarat's Khandvi, Goa's Bebinca, Chattisgarh's Dehrori, Sikkim's Phagshapa, Nagaland's Pork with Dry Bamboo Shoots among other lipsmacking delicacies.

Here is the full list:

Andhra Pradesh: Gongura Pachadi (Recipe here)

Arunachal Pradesh: Smoked Pork In Sengmora Xaak

Assam: Masor Tenga (Recipe here)

Bihar: Litti Chokha (Recipe here)

Chhattisgarh: Dehrori

Goa: Bebinca

Gujarat: Khandvi (Recipe here)

Haryana: Bajra Khichdi

Himachal Pradesh: Madra (Recipe here)

Jammu and Kashmir: Kalaadi Cheese

Jharkhand: Rugda

Karnataka: Pandi Curry (Recipe here)

Kerala: Irachi Ishtu (Recipe here)

Madhya Pradesh: Bhutte Ka Kees (Recipe here)

Maharashtra: Thalipeeth (Recipe here)

Manipur: Khaman Asinba Kangshoi

Meghalaya: Jadoh With Pork

Mizoram: Sawhchiar

Nagaland: Nagaland Pork With Dry Bamboo Shoot

Odisha: Chhena Poda (Recipe here)

Punjab: Makki-roti and Sarson-saag (Recipe here)

Rajasthan: Malaai Ghewar (Recipe here)

Sikkim: Phagshapa

Tamil Nadu: Kambu Koozh

Tripura: Awan Bangwi With Wahan Mosdeng And Khundrupui Leaf

Uttar Pradesh: Baingan Ki Lonje

Uttarakhand: Bal Mithai (Recipe here)

West Bengal: Daab Chingri (Recipe here)


We are inviting you, our dear readers, to share with us your special recipes of these dishes.

Tell us how you make Thalipeeth, or Chhena Poda or any of the dishes listed above.

Simply mail your recipes along with a photograph of the dish to with the subject line 'Indian Recipes'.

We will publish the most lip-smacking, mouth-watering and yummiest recipes right here in and India Abroad.