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What Men WANT

July 23, 2021 15:36 IST
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Being complimented is something that is not only desired by women; even men crave for it, notes Sybil Shiddell, country manager, Gleeden, an extra marital dating Web site.

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In any relationship, communication is the key and doing it the right way can give us a lot more than we expect.

No matter how your relationship may be or how you and your partner may be communicating with each other, there will always be certain ways and magical words that will get you everything you want from your man and more!

Recently Gleeden, an extra marital dating app, conducted a survey among its users, to find out what men really want from their partners.

Some interesting observations from the survey:

  • 42.17% stated that politeness is the key to function in a healthy relationship.
  • 38.56% believe that staying calm in tough situations has helped their relationship to sail for years.
  • 39.46 feel that saying good things to your partner makes him feel respected and it goes well for the individual as well as for the relationship.
  • 36.29% men are overwhelmed if their efforts are addressed.
  • 35.78% said even a small gesture of appreciation in return is enough to uplift a man's mood!
  • 43.11% of them say they have sorted many unpleasant situations in their relationship just by saying 'I love you' to their better halves.
  • 40.48% feel that taking your better half for granted may have adverse effects on your relationship.

Based on this survey from male users, most of whom are married, here are some tips that may help you:

1. Be calm and polite

Usually, when we talk to anyone, we tend to not be rude and steer clear of expressing our real opinion if it isn't a good one.

But things change a bit when it comes to our partner as often the politeness and courtesy we maintain for others vanishes somehow.

This happens because we take our partner for granted.

In case you happen to not speak politely with your partner anymore, we would advice a step-back and a do-over.

Start being nice to him and use very basic words like 'Please' or 'Thank you'. These may be mundane words, but trust us; they will have a positive impact on your partner's brain and bring them closer to you!

2. Shower him with compliments

Being together, especially for a very long time, we often get used to each other and forget to notice small things that we like about our partners.

No matter what, if you think there is some special quality that you like about your partner or anything that you could make a nice comment about, just do it.

Telling him he looks good when he dresses up or before going out can make him not just feel good about himself but even the relationship.

After all, receiving compliments, especially from the person you love, tends to fill you up with good feelings.

Being complimented is something that is not only desired by women; even men crave for it.

3. Tell him about things you're grateful for

We are sure there must be something you love about him or something that he does.

Even in his appearance it could be something simple or the most insignificant thing, but if you like it then let him know.

He can't read your mind and certain things are anyway just too good to hear. Say, for instance, if your man brings you your favourite coffee in the morning, helps tidy up the house, or even simply grabs hold of your hand when you are out for a stroll, just tell him how much that means to you!

If you say it, there's a chance he would do more of it and even better.

Appreciating effort in a relationship goes well for both genders and one should not miss even a small chance to do the same, this makes your better half feel special and wanted.

4. Use those 3 magical words

To say 'I love you' to someone is probably the hardest thing to do in the beginning.

But after spending a lot of time together, it just easily comes out and one gets used to saying it even without really feeling it.

So, when you say it, make sure you mean it from your heart and let him take notice of it. Make it real and meaningful, and you'll see the difference it brings to your relationship.

With passing time in a relationship, couples usually forget the importance of saying 'I love you' or other lovable things to their partners.

The best way to elevate your relationship is to be genuinely nice to your partner and letting him know the little things which can make him feel good.

This will fill your relationship with more love and help you get more from your partner than you already do!

Give it a try and be ready for the good things that will come your way!

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